Vetdnacenter.com Review 

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vetdnacenter.com review
Vetdnacenter.com Review

Vetdnacenter.com Review

DNA Diagnostic Center

The DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) is one of the largest DNA testings centers in the world. They have been performing DNA testing since 1995. DDC Veterinary is their animal testing division, and it offers a comprehensive list of canine, equine, feline, and avian DNA testing. DDC Veterinary tests are recognized by multiple animal organizations including Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

DDC Veterinary offers two equine tests to detect parentage and to create a genetic profile for identification. Both of these tests are 38 dollars. These tests are used mainly for the purposes of registration. There is one feline test to determine if a cat is a carrier or sufferer of kidney disease. This test is 48 dollars. There is also one avian test to determine a bird’s sex using either blood or feathers. The blood test is 19 dollars and the feather test is 23 dollars.

Most of the tests at DDC Veterinary are canine tests. A breed identification test will cost 79 dollars, a parentage test is 38 dollars, an inherited disease test is 58 dollars, and an inherited traits test is 58 dollars. There are discounts for submitting five or more samples at a time.

Results for all tests are emailed within 5-10 working days, which is a quick turnaround as far as DNA tests go. One of the unique things about DDC Veterinary is that they give instructions for making a test kit at home. Most DNA companies take longer because they send a test kit in the mail which then has to be returned to them. With DDC Veterinary, there are instructions to make a test kit at home, so then the turn around time goes more quickly because there’s no need to wait for a test kit to arrive.

While DDC Veterinary has dozens of useful tests for canines, their tests for felines and equines is not as diverse as the tests offered through other DNA testing services. Some DNA companies will offer dozens of tests for horses to detect for genetic anomalies.

Overall DDC Veterinary is a very reputable company that offers very reasonably priced DNA tests, however, their test offerings are very limited in the feline, equine, and avian categories.

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