Lifegenetics.net DNA Tests 

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lifegenetics.net dna tests
Lifegenetics.net DNA Tests

Lifegenetics.net DNA Tests

Life Genetics Review

Lifegenetics is a company that offers DNA testing services to help with situations such as preventing diseases ahead of time or even losing weight. Here’s some information about how the services at the company work.

Services Overview

There are four major test options available at Life Genetics this includes DNA test Slim, The Premium, The Premium + the Slim, and the DNA test Baby. The slim test costs 229 Euros, which comes out to about $258. This test gives you information about your body type so you can find out how to specifically focus on losing weight if this is your aim. The test reveals 30 pages about your body specifics.

The test even comes with recommended menus for losing weight. The site claims you can lose up to 1.5 pounds per week with the recommendations based on the test.

Premium Test

The Premium version is focused on seven different areas to try to maximize prevention. The site says that you can use the test results to prevent common maladies including diabetes and heart disease. In the premium version, you will get over 80 pages of details about your DNA and what it says about you specifically.

The focus of the results includes recommending nutrition and vitamin intake based on your results. For example, some results could emphasize taking calcium and vitamin D for women at risk for conditions such as osteoporosis. If you’re a woman and your test results indicate that you have a risk for this later in life, the idea is that you can plan for it ahead of time by focusing your diet accordingly.

Other examples include if you have a metabolic disorder and you need to compensate by taking vitamin B much more than the normally prescribed amount for people in general. The idea is that everyone’s body is different, and finding out about your particular DNA makeup will allow you to plan your diet to your body specifically instead of going with daily recommended doses aimed at a general audience.

Vitamins that the site might recommend include A, C, D, E, and things like Folic Acid, Omega-3, Selenium, Zinc, and others. Premium costs 279 Euros which is almost $314.


The baby test focuses on testing for infants so that you can start them out on a good footing right from the beginning. This costs the same as premium. Baby nutrition is particularly important so it definitely helps to have some information about how to cater directly to not just children in general, but your child in specific. This test will include risk factors for intolerance to lactose, gluten, and other substances. It will also indicate potential addiction risk factors for caffeine, nicotine, and even sugar.

Pros and Cons

Positives of the site include that they have options for package types and that you can choose exactly what you want to accomplish through the program. Downsides include that their claims of losing weight are a bit suspicious since promising a pound per week isn’t especially reasonable.

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