AfricanAncestry.com Review 

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africanancestry.com review
AfricanAncestry.com Review

AfricanAncestry.com Review

Finding the African in You

The recent reimagining of the epic mini-series Roots will certainly cause some consternation among members of the black community who might not have seen the original. Watching a historical depiction of a very bitter and brutal part of our nation’s history will ignite many vapid feelings and opinions. The one thing the new version of the series is sure to do is reawaken in the hearts of many African Americans the desire to know where they belong, or better still where they come from and AfricanAncestry.com can play a part. The landmark mini-series will once again show how the African American’s experience differs from that of other emigrates who’ve come to these shores from far away. The inability to trace their roots back to a particular place and a specific person makes them almost invisible. That lack of knowledge makes them homesick for a home they’ve never known. The broken link in the African American heritage can now be repaired thanks to the strides made in DNA testing.

DNA or genealogical testing looks at a person’s genome at specific locations. A genome is the genetic material of an organism. The results of this testing provide information about a person’s genealogy or personal ancestry. These tests compare the results of an individual to others from the same lineage to current and historic ethnic groups. The wealth of genealogy information and tools available to African Americans makes it possible for them to know their history. And if someone is interested in tracing his roots all the way to the motherland,DNA testing will take you there.

AfricanDNA is the only genetic testing company that specializes in tracing African American ancestry that can reveal the percentages of your ancestral origins. All African Americans are genetically mixed, the only question is how much. The test from AfricanDNA can answer that question for you.
Several relatively inexpensive test are available. Some are gender specific and are selected based on what you want to know. To learn about your father or mother’s line you would take a lineage test. They also offer the Ancestry Finder which is a percentage test. This test compares your “genetic geography” which is your autosomal DNA to that stored in the company’s world DNA population database. The AfricanDNA test kit starts at $99.00 but can get as high as $300.oo if you order kits that test for other things. This test also requires a saliva sample. The sample too is placed in a pre-addressed envelope and mailed to the lab. Your DNA will be analyzed at more than 700,000 genetic markers. In six to eight weeks you will receive an email with a link to your test results.

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