Paternity Depot Review 

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paternity depot review
Paternity Depot Review

Paternity Depot Review

What is Paternity Depot?

The Paternity Depot is a low-cost alternative for DNA testing. Using simple, step-by-step instructions, people are able to quickly and economically settle important, and perhaps even life-changing, issues. For the cost-conscious person who needs to conclusively identify the father of a child, the Paternity Depot is the ideal resource.

People may contact the Paternity Depot online or over the phone to order a sample collection kit. The company’s website is thorough and informative. Nonetheless, some customers find it helpful to be able to talk to a “real person” regarding any questions they might have. Sample collection kits are sent in the mail to the address provided by the customer. It’s possible for kits to be sent to two different locations at no extra charge in situations where the child and the suspected father do not live in the same geographic area. The kits generally arrive within three to five days after ordering.

Collecting samples are made easy thanks to the clear instructions that the Paternity Depot provides. The kit includes buccal swabs, necessary paperwork, and sample collection envelopes as well as a pre-addressed envelope for sending the samples back to the lab. Results are typically made available within three to five business days after the Paternity Depot receives the samples. Customers have a number of options when it comes to receiving the results. Email, regular mail, and fax are all possibilities. Whichever method is chosen, users can rest assured that their data is considered highly confidential and is treated as such. The company’s website is heavily encrypted to ensure the utmost privacy and security for users.

The Paternity Depot also makes it possible for people to undergo court-admissible testing procedures. They partner with approximately 500 sample-collection facilities in North America alone to ensure appropriate chain-of-title protocol. Typically, the father is required to show a government-issued identification card at the time of collection while the child’s mother must provide a birth certificate to verify identity. Samples are collected in front of an impartial third party and then sent to the Paternity Depot for testing. These results can be used as evidence in a wide variety of court proceedings.

Most people wonder how it is possible for the Paternity Depot to offer such outstanding pricing. However, the reasons behind the affordability are simple. The Paternity Depot tests all samples in its own state-of-the-art laboratories. Other paternity testing companies are really brokers that send samples out to other laboratories for testing. This piles on additional fees that the customer isn’t always aware of. The Paternity Depot operates under a strict, full disclosure pricing schedule that informs people how much they will pay up front without any hidden or surprise fees.

Despite the low cost of their services, the Paternity Depot guarantees accurate results to within 99.9 percent for inclusion and 100 percent for exclusion. Their technicians hold PhDs, and the equipment they use is state-of-the-art. Samples are tested twice to verify the results. This means quick, accurate answers at a surprisingly affordable cost.


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