FTDNA.com YDNA Tests 

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ftdna.com ydna tests
FTDNA.com YDNA Tests

FTDNA.com YDNA Tests

Discovering History and Predicting the Future with FTDNA.com YDNA Tests

Before we jump into a description of the services offered by FtDNA, let’s explore reasons why you might take a genetic test, and the kinds of ways they benefit different people.

• Finding Family – Genetic testing can reveal familial relations all over the globe – or in your hometown – that you never knew you had. This often benefits people who had little family or who are planning a move.

• Understanding Health – These personalized tests can be used to identify risks of health problems, assess the severity of a disease, choose treatments and assess responses to them, identify familial gene trends, and screen newborn babies for treatable conditions. This benefits anyone with any kind of medical issues and people who are considering having children.

• Predict the Future – This benefit is also particularly important in the medical area. Using blood from the mother and saliva from the father, genetic tests can give important information regarding an unborn child’s possible genetic disorders. This kind of testing also helps adults understand what medical problems they are most likely to inherit and find preventative steps.

Now that we have a clear idea of how genetic testing can provide medical help for nearly everyone, let’s take a look at the kinds of tests FTDNA offers.

• Family Finder – Starting at just $99, the Family Finder is the simplest of all the raw packages and works by matching ethnic percentages. This tool is used primarily for connecting with relatives.

• Y-DNA – Used by males for tracing paternal ancestry, FTDNA offers three different tests with 37, 67, or 111 marker matches, with basic prices beginning at $169. The more markers included the more detailed migratory information you will get, especially useful for those interested in genetics and family history. Purchase of a test also includes access to group projects and experts, automated updates on your results, and personalized customer support. FTDNA has the largest Y-DNA database in the world. The Y chromosome is passed almost unchanged from father to son. Their Y-DNA tests check for specific markers on the Y chromosome. 37 markers is a good place to start and can confirm close relationships. Increase your marker count to 67 or 111 for even greater confidence. They offer free Surname research projects you can join to learn more about your male heritage.

• mtDNA – Providing many of the same benefits and access to the Y-DNA tests, the mtDNA tests are named for the mitochondrial DNA that is passed nearly unchanged from mothers to children. These tests can trace heritage up to 180,000 years and come with the basic mtDNA+ addition and the mtDNA Full Sequence addition. These tests begin at only $69.

While each of these six tests can be purchased separately, FTDNA also works with you to combine various tests to create a kit that will answer all of your questions and benefit you, and your family, the most.

A few more important things to note regarding FTDNA:

• The tests take a few weeks to process and you can expect results four to eight weeks after returning the test kit.

• The website is easy to navigate and the instructions are straightforward.

• FTDNA is an accredited business, and their lab is registered with the Department of Justice to ensure the privacy of all DNA samples.

• These tests and the company consistently receive high customer ratings, the average being 4.5 stars out of 5.

Taking a genetic test with FTDNA can reveal incredible parts of your family’s history, and be the basis for extended family connections, a deeper understanding of family heritage, and a clearer understanding of medical history and its potential future.


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