Pathwayfit Genetic Testing For Fitness 

By  Editorial Team

Pathwayfit: Pathway Genomics Saliva Collection

How PathwayFit Works

PathwayFit is a genetic nutrition and exercise profile that shows you how you can respond to particular kinds of food and workout and gives perceptions toward how your body process sugars, fats, nutrients, and vitamins. Pathway gives a customized report that has important data and suggestions entirely intended at assisting you to improve your well-being.

PathwayFit examines over 80 genetic markers associated with your metabolism, exercise, and energy usage inside the human body. Applicable effects can be utilized to produce behavioral changes, get wisdom towards overall health and assist in obtaining proactively, knowledgeable choices concerning diet, workout, and overall lifestyle.

The instructional video below shows how to get a saliva sample for Pathway Genomics DNA testing.

Ordering now will provide you with knowledge regarding your unique genetic profile, personalized meal plans, and introduction to a Registered Dietitian granting you with the essential tools and information to live a vigorous lifestyle.

Get personalized information about:

  • Nutritional Needs – determine genetic markers connected with lower blood levels of several vitamins either need extra vitamin for best health.
  • Body and Weight – gain knowledge regarding your capacity to being obese, the probability of regaining weight after weight loss, how active your metabolism is functioning, and understanding on how effectively you can lose fat if you begin a weight loss program.
  • Metabolic Health Factors – show results that can assist you and your physician to learn your metabolic health prognosis.
  • Eating Behavior Traits – understand how eating behavior habits can be determined by genetics can assist you to establish precise, sensible, time-managed health- and wellness-related goals.
  • Diet – analyze genetic markers related with how your body reacts to different macronutrients.
  • Exercise – learn if you can react enough to resistance training or strength training.
  • Food Reactions – distinguish why you react to certain foods and substances in different ways.
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