Karmagenes.co DNA Testing Reviews 

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karmagenes.co dna testing reviews
Karmagenes.co DNA Testing Reviews

Karmagenes.co DNA Testing Reviews

Karmagenes.co DNA Testing

Karmagenes purports to be a genetic test site that examines certain portions of your DNA in order to isolate certain parts of your behavior and figure out where they came from. The main goal of Karmagenes is actual to make it easy for the public to understand how exactly genes work and then use that information to access their own history in a comprehensive and also highly scientific way. Karmagenes also makes the point that while genetics is crucial for outlining the basic aspects of your behavior as well as where that behavior comes from, DNA and genetic information alone does not tell the whole story. Your behavior is also impacted and influenced by environmental factors, such as stressors, home life, your family, and more.
Who created Karmagenes?

This venture was actually started by a group of five biologists, all with PhDs in subjects such as neuroscience, molecular biology, even and especially genetics to get a varied approach when it comes to studying the genetic impact of behavior.
How does it work and how accurate is it?

The way Karmagenes’ process works is that they actually link specific SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that are related to certain behavioral characteristics and then check for updates on them. Based on what they find, they’ll assign a score to each SNP that they study. These will range from very low to low, moderate to high, and then very high. The psychologist will then link the DNA findings with the separate psychological findings to get a final result. Karmagenes insists that it aims to get the highest quality of standards, and they do this by taking into account all of the scientific research that already exists in their field.

Why Karmagenes?

The team over at Karmagenes started their company because they wanted to convey genetics to the public in a way that was more positive than what they might be used to. While many will focus on the negative aspects of DNA with things like mutations in genes and the like, DNA, in fact, encapsulates all of the negative and positive aspects of our genetics, and so Karmagenes seems to aim to present a more balanced look at genetics in general.

What about health issues?

Karmagenes actually doesn’t use their genetic tests to specifically deal with health issues. Instead, they insist that the information they provide is for informational purposes only. They make clear that their information doesn’t serve as medical advice, and that anyone who’s interested in their service should make sure to consult with professionals for any health-related issues.

Their position on whether DNA affects our behavior.

According to Karmagenes, our behavior is directly affected by our DNA, basically our potential for certain behaviors. In their blog, they try to lay this out by using scientific evidence to make their case. But, while genetic testing is a marker of what the future may hold, again they insist that genetic testing is only a forecast, and other important factors will affect what happens.
Karmagenes: a verdict.

By presenting itself as common sense, easy to understand resource on the role of genetics in our overall behavior, Karmagenes helps shed some light on genetics as a whole. While not exhaustive, it’s a great place to start.

Read more at http://karmagenes.co/

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