Rootsforreal.com DNA Testing Review 

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rootsforreal.com dna testing reviews
Rootsforreal.com DNA Testing Reviews

Rootsforreal.com DNA Testing Review

Exploring Your Genetic Heritage with rootsforreal.com

For many of us, our genetic heritage is a “black box”. We may know a little bit about our most recent ancestors, but beyond a couple of generations, it is mostly a complete mystery. That’s where a service like Roots For Real becomes really helpful.

To determine your complete genetic history, there are two types of genetic profiles that need to be generated: mtDNA, and Y-DNA. These two profiles will reveal your maternal genetic history (mtDNA, or mitochondrial DNA) and your genetic line on your father’s side (Y-DNA, which follows the male genetic profile).

For males, a single sample of DNA obtained from a saliva sample (obtained from a cheek swab) is all that is needed to analyze both profiles. For females, only the mtDNA profile can be obtained from the saliva sample. To analyze the Y-DNA profile, a sample from a close male relative is needed (for example, the father or brother), because the Y-Chromosome is carried only by males.

One of the unique aspects of the Roots for Real service is that the results are presented to you as a mapped display. The map(s) shows where the different elements of your genetic past trace back to, in terms of what fractions of your heritage came from various regions of the world.

These profile results are given in terms of the percentages of your bloodline that can be traced back to each region. Taken as a whole, they provide a snapshot of the migratory history of your distant ancestors.

Each of the profiles provides different information. Choosing which tests to have performed, if you are only going to use one of them, depends on what is is you are trying to learn about your past. For example:
• To trace your European Roots, either test will be informative.

• To trace your ancestors to Africa, a mtDNA test is least confusing – the Y-DNA results are confounded by the combinations with European DNA from plantation owners.

• For adopted or orphaned individuals, males may select either test, but females have access only to the mtDNA profile unless they have access to a biological brother.

These are just s few examples, a complete information can be obtained on the website.

The information that you receive (in about six weeks) is remarkable. From your mtDNA profile, they will tell you not only which ancestral lineage you come from, but will also provide an explanation of the prehistorical maternal heritage you are descended from. From the male profile (Y-DNA), you can learn whether your ancestry traces back to men like Genghis Kahn, former US President Thomas Jefferson, or other historic persons.

Roots for Real will send your results in the form of a totally individual map, showing where in the world you have matches, to estimate the location of your ancestral origins. The map is digitally printed, in A3 size (16 by 12 inches), and an ideal present for a friend. Each map will contain your DNA profile, your closest genetic matches in the global database, and detailed population or tribal information on your matches.

The price of the tests reflects the huge strides that have been made in bringing the cost genetic testing to a reasonable level. Each of the profiles (mtDNA, and Y-DNA) can be purchased for $290 (US). They accept charge cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express; they also accept payments through the WorldPay system.

Another important consideration is the security of your personal information. The Company does not include your results in their database and destroys your sample after it has been analyzed. The only person who has access to the results is you, as they are held under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, which prevents any disclosure to third parties.

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