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dna 11.com dna art
DNA 11.com DNA Art

DNA 11.com DNA Art

A marriage of art and science- DNA 11

Art and science have collided in a very new way! For over a decade, DNA 11 has been merging art with DNA analysis to create individualized portraits based on a person’s DNA profile. Using modern DNA extraction techniques, DNA 11 produces a profile and prints it on a canvas, allowing for the unique piece of artwork imaginable. While the technology for this type of testing has been around for some time, the application of it as an art form is fairly unique. The process to create your own is easy to do and can be an interesting piece for your home or office.

DNA 11 collection process is simple and hassle free. Upon making a request on their website, a sample kit is set out. It contains the necessary materials to collect cheek cells from the inside of your mouth using a swab. No blood is ever collected in this process. From there, you return the kit to be processed. Using DNA extraction techniques, the company’s professional lab analyzes the sample and creates the profile. All samples that are used are destroyed upon creation of the profile to keep with DNA 11’s guarantee of authenticity.

From there, the DNA profile is designed to the standards that you request. Colors, size, and framing are among the many choices that you have to design your portrait. Completion of your individualized artwork is estimated around six weeks, even though average DNA testing only takes three to five days, but the increased time is too be expected as the company is protective of the quality of their work and making sure that your DNA profile makes it to you. The American Accreditation of Blood Banks, the governing body for DNA testing, does not give accreditation to DNA 11; however, this may be since the results are only for artistic purposes.

DNA 11 is on the forefront of a very new concept in the marriage of art and science and as such, there are no rivals rising to this challenging task. For their success, the company has printed over 10,000 portraits in ten years and delivered to customers in twenty-nine different countries. With only three locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and sixty employees, the company has excelled. Those who have bought portraits have praised the quality of work and the customer service. DNA 11’s work has also been praised and featured by major outlets, such as the Today Show, The New York Times, and the BBC.

Individuality is a concept that is being encouraged heavily in today’s society and there is nothing more individual than a representation of what makes you who you are. What is spectacular about this company is that the gift is one-of-a-kind in many ways. Everything from the color to the frame to placing your signature on the piece and obtaining a digital copy makes this incredibly unique. Other options include fingerprint and kiss prints. However, that kind of individuality does not come cheap, with prices ranging from $199-$1,529 depending on the options you add. Wait time is also significant at six weeks. In the end, the cost and the wait are well worth it for a portrait like no other.

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