International Biosciences DNA Testing Review 

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international biosciences dna testing review
International Biosciences DNA Testing Review

International Biosciences DNA Testing Review

International Biosciences: A Great Variety of DNA Tests

International Biosciences (IBDNA) is a highly regarded international DNA testing company. Currently, all of their laboratories have ISO 17025, NATA, and meet the UK Ministry of Justice standards. They ensure that the results from their tests are 99.99% accurate every time. IBDNA can advertise this high standard for many reasons. One reason is due to the fact that they check 21 genetic markers. Also, IBDNA makes sure all of their results are put through their tests twice. This ensures that you get the most accurate results for whatever DNA test you are seeking.

This company offers a wide array of tests. Depending on what DNA test you opt for will determine the price you have to pay. The lowest price for a test is $119, and perhaps their most popular test falls into this category: home paternity tests. With this test, a kit is sent to your home, and all you and others involved have to do is fill out the instructions, leave mouth swabs, and send the swabs off in a pre-addressed envelope. This test takes 4 days to complete. The results will be sent back to you with the strictest confidentiality.

Another test that costs $119 is the Wellness Test. This test tells you various interesting facts about how your DNA relates to your health. This test will reveal various interesting facts such as your risk taking abilities, your learning patterns, hair loss, endurance, and lifespan, just to name a few.

For those not interested in health or legal matters, IBDNA also offers many ancestry tests to trace your roots, such as a paternity lineage test, a maternal lineage test, and even a British DNA test for people in the UK. There are also various sibling tests to help brothers/sisters find out their parental lineage. And, there are plenty of prenatal tests offered, including a baby gender test, a prenatal paternity test, and a non-invasive prenatal test for Down’s Syndrome.

IBDNA offers infidelity tests, DNA tests for surrogacy, and identification profiling as part of their miscellaneous services. They also offer tests for pets, such as feline PKD disease testing, dog inherited disease testing, dog breed identification, and dog poop DNA testing.

Certainly, IBDNA has one test for everyone. Their main focus, however, is paternity tests. Being approved by the Ministry of Justice is huge plus for this company, especially if you are pursuing legal matters of any sort. There are many DNA testing areas across the USA, including in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. For a full list, please check out their official website. Even if you are not in the USA, you can find IBDNA locations worldwide.

IBDNA prides itself on providing quality customer care and excellent service. Especially if you need to have a paternity test, this is the ideal company to put your trust in. IBDNA currently has a great rating on TrustPilot from people who have used IBDNA’s services.

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