Horsetesting.com Review 

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horsetesting.com review
Horsetesting.com Review

Horsetesting.com Review

Equine Genetic Testing

Equine genetic testing provides breeders a variety of information in order to make the best choices of breeding pairs. From genetically inherited disorders to carried color genes, these tests will make the risks and possibilities more evident to breeders.
One of the major reasons to genetically test an equine would be to determine whether the animal is predisposed to any genetically carried diseases. A lot of these diseases are breed specific, but some of them can apply to any animal. A good reason to test a horse is because many genetic disorders can be inherited without affecting the carrier. For example, a Connemara mare may be a carrier for Hoof Wall Separation Disease but not be affected by it. However, if that mare is bred to a stallion who is also a carrier, then that could be a disaster for the resulting foal. The test to determine if a Connemara Pony or Connemara cross is a carrier for Hoof Wall Separation Disease is $40.

Knowing the status of breeding horses is always a good idea. There are also diseases such as Malignant Hyperthermia which affects Quarter Horses and crosses, but it only shows symptoms when horses are under anesthesia. In this case, it’s imperative to know the status before undergoing medical procedures. This test is 35$. Another Quarter Horse disease is Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency which costs $35. There is a multitude of other genetic disease tests available for breeds such as Paints, Draft Horses, Warmbloods, and Arabians and they cost between $25-55. Entire panel tests for a breed that can test for a variety of possible conditions at once are also available and cost between $75-155.
In breeds where rare colors are prized, there are color panels available to assist breeders in making good choices in what horses to pick for breeding and which to avoid for lethal color patterns. There are dozens of tests available for base coat determination as well as dilutions and patterns. These tests cost between 25-95$, but a full color and pattern panel will cost 150$. After obtaining the information, there is a color combination calculator to help determine the best chances of producing the foal with a specific coloring.
Performance gait testing is also available to determine if a typically gaited breed, such as a standard bred horse, has inherited the genetic ability to perform that gait. This test is 125$.
Animal Genetics is a testing company that has branches in both the United States and England. They have performed over 1.5 million sample tests since 1992. The equine testing done by Animal Genetics is in compliance with the testing standards set by the International Society for Animal Genetics. Results are available online within 1-3 days of the receipt of the DNA sample and payment. Animal Genetics will test a horse’s sample by using 30-40 mane or tail hair samples, and they store the material for up to 5 years in case the owner wishes to add tests at a later date.


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