What is YDNA? 

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what is ydna
What is YDNA

What is YDNA?

The YDNA test is a type of genealogical test which done to explore the father or patrilineal line ancestry of a man. The Y chromosome of a man remains unchanged while transferred from father to son just like the surname of man. So, if you want to explore the patrilineal line of your dad, then you can use the YDNA test. As the Y chromosome is only available in male so the test is only available in the male. The YDNA is used to discover from where the members of your father’s ancestors came from and how they migrated the world. You can explore the heritage of your paternal line through the help of YDNA. This process is calling YDNA as it involves the test of Y-chromosome. Y chromosome is the other chromosome that a son gets from his father. The chromosome of a woman is XX whereas the chromosome of a man is XY; this Y is used to do the genealogical test. The Y chromosome of a man represents the human genetic diversity depending on the SNPs or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms that lies on the Y chromosome. The researchers have given it the name of Y chromosome Adam because it shows the root of the ancestors of a man.

Why is YDNA Ancestry Tests done?

Trace the history of your surname

The Y chromosome that is present on the chromosome of a man can show all the information and data related to the parental history of a man. The YDNA is passed from dad to the children just like the surname of the father. The YDNA is a process by which tests are done discover the most common ancestors two individuals share. So, by this test you can find how your ancestors came to this part of the world and how they established their living here. Again, if two individuals give same or nearly same results, then these two persons are related within a genealogical time frame.

Find the genetic match in largest YDNA database

Through this test, you can find your genetic matches in the largest YDNA database of the world. We have the most extensive YDNA database, and we can let you know how and where people with same genetic match exist. You can uncover the ancestral heritage with the help of YDNA. As the YDNA remains changed you can easily find out how your ancestors came from any part of the world, the migration path of your forefathers and all the historical events linked to the YDNA of your chromosome.

Do I need YDNA test?

If you are a male and interested in knowing the heritage of the Y chromosome that is present in you then you can take the YDNA test. This will help you to unleash the history that is linked to your Y chromosome. It does not specify any genetic disease or disorder, but it gives you information about the personal or genealogical ancestry. So, if you think you can to know about the history of you grandparents or the family you came from then you can go through this test. What is yDNA?  It might be the answer to questions you have always had or walking through an open door to the past.

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