FTDNA mtDNA Tests 

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FTDNA mtdna Review
FTDNA-mtdna Review

FTDNA.com mtDNA Tests Review

Family Tree mtDNA Testing
As interests in genealogy and ancestry increase, companies who test DNA try to keep up with the demand. One company who has been doing that for over a decade is Family Tree DNA, a company based in Houston, Texas that offers a variety of testing for those interested in genealogy and tracking their family line. FTDNA mtDNA is a test to verify maternal linage.

Family Tree DNA is CAP accredited and CLIA-registered for genetic testing. The company has been featured in People Magazine and has received praise for being one of the only DNA companies to ship results to so many countries overseas. Customers can use their results to study maternal or paternal heritage, find out where their family is from, and make contact with living relatives. FTDNA mtDNA tests are available to be sent to other countries.

What tests are offered at Family Tree DNA?

Family Finder: $99
Result Time: 4-6 weeks
The Family Finder test is exactly what the name implies: a test to help people find unknown members of their family or to determine for sure certain familial relations. This test is great for genealogical purposes.

Mother’s Line:
The Mother’s Line tests use the Mitochondrial DNA to offer links to maternal heritage. Those who take this test can help determine sibling relationships and track genealogy on the mother’s side. The mtDNA offers a limited testing while the mtFull Sequence tests the full sequence of the DNA from the mitochondria, offering more complete results.

mtDNA: $69
Result Time: 6-8 weeks

mtFull Sequence: $199
Result Time: 6-8 weeks

From the FTDNA mt DNA results page:

“The mtDNA – Results page shows the actual results of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests that you have taken. These are the sections.

  • Haplogroup – This is your mtDNA haplogroup. Haplogroups are our place on the maternal tree tracing all people alive today back to a common maternal ancestor in Africa. …….
  • Your Origin – This gives an overview of the history and the geography of your haplogroup. The distributions of mtDNA haplogroups and their branches follow historic population movements. ……
  • Your Results – This shows your test results compared to the Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence (RSRS).
    • Extra Mutations and Missing Mutations (mtDNA Full Sequence Only) – This shows your differences from the modal values of your haplogroup. Extra Mutations are those that you have but are not part of the modal haplotype for your assigned haplogroup. …..
    • RSRS Values – This section shows your differences from the Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence (RSRS). The RSRS is based on the deepest common maternal ancestor to all people alive today as well as several ancient humanoids. A comparison of your sequence to this reference reveals clearly the path between you and our shared maternal ancestor.
    • FASTA File – The FASTA button allows you to download your results in the FASTA file format. This is a format commonly used by population geneticists.
  • Additional Tabs – These tabs show more advanced options for understanding your mtDNA Results.
    • rCRS Values – This section shows your differences from the historic revised Cambridge Reference Sequence (rCRS). The rCRS is based on the first complete mtDNA sequence completed. The information in this section is for historic reference only.
    • mtDNA Community – This section allows you to donate your results for scientific research. Please read the Your Scientific Collaboration: mtDNA Community page carefully before participating.”

Why one test over another?

The tests that check for the most markers will offer the most results. Therefore, those wanting to dig deep into their family history should choose a test with many markers to receive a more complete picture of their family line.


As a division of Gene by Gene, Family Tree DNA was founded for the purpose of helping people get in touch with their pasts through genealogy. FTDNA offers many tests at reasonable prices to help make sure searches into family lines don’t go cold. They have been in business for over 15 years and continue to offer great service to their customers.

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