EasyDNA.com Review

For a full-suite of genetic testing, EasyDNA is an option. With six specific testing areas and one specialty category, consumers will find exactly what they are looking for. They are certified and used in court proceedings. There are over three dozen global offices with headquarters in Elk Grove, California. This translates in to tests being performed locally with a quick turnaround time for results. As one of the leaders in DNA testing, they have earned an excellent customer service reputation. Support is available through dedicated email, online form, and a toll free number. They even offer a call back feature for your convenience.

The last decade has been in building a track record with more than 300,000 genetic tests performed. Partnerships with private medical practices and leading clinical researchers have made them a secure and dependable choice. They have a staff of experienced genetic scientists that are pioneering additional techniques to make the process more efficient and accurate.

• Costs: Varies based on specific test
• Time to Receive Results: 5-7 days unless specified otherwise
• Location: Elk Grove, California, United States
• Accredited: ISO 17025

EasyDNA Tests Offered

Consumers can expect accuracy rates of 99.99% for most tests results. There are other services provided to showcase results such as printed DNA art and DNA profiles. Individuals have alternatives to full paternity test with categories including X and Y chromosome marker evaluation. The level of accuracy diminishes with aunt & uncle, grandparent, and sibling analysis. Rates fall to the 50 to 80% range of accuracy in these examples.

The litany of testing provided includes those off the beaten path with animal and disease testing. More examples include rare analysis to detect infidelity and semen on objects. Express tests are offered with the same accuracy regardless of the specific evaluation. There is an additional $129 fee and results in two business days. Discreet tests use items other than DNA samples such as bones, blood, hair, condom, and others. Accuracy rates decline to less than 60% based on the object analyzed. A special terms and conditions as well as fees of $80 or $160 apply for this service.

Some of the Tests Offered

• Paternity Tests: Home Paternity, Legal Paternity, Prenatal Paternity, Immigration DNA, Discreet Tests
• Relationship Tests: Sibling, Aunt & Uncle, Grandparent, Twin DNA, MtDNA (mitochondrial), X Chromosome, Y Chromosome, Maternity, Genetic Reconstruction
• Prenatal Tests: Prenatal Paternity, Baby Gender, Non-invasive Prenatal testing for Down Syndrome
• Ancestry Tests: Ancestral Origins, AncestrybyDNA, Maternal Lineage, Paternal Lineage, BritishDNA,
• Animal Tests: Dog DNA w/o Mother, DNA My Dog (genetic history), Dog Parentage, Dog Inherited Disease & Trait, Avian DNA Sexing, and Feline PKD,
• Health Tests: DNAFit Diet, Skin DNA
• Clinical Tests: Genetic Predisposition
• Other Tests: Infidelity DNA, Semen Detection, Express Tests, Electropherogram, DNA Profiles, Printed Genetic Art

The Process

• Order a standard or customize kit from the website.
• Follow instructions to collect samples using four provided oral buccal swabs.
• Let swabs stand for one hour to dry before placing in return envelope and mailing.
• Compare the results to the online guide with additional questions directed to customer service.


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