Fitness Genes Review 

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Fitness Genes Review

Fitness Genes

Most people would love a diet and exercise plan specifically designed for their body. This would enable them to eat and work out for effective weight loss, strength building, and healthful living. By analyzing over 40 genes related to a health in a person’s body, that’s exactly what Fitness Genes can offer!

Fitness Genes How It Works:

Fitness Genes mails customers a tube so they can send back a saliva sample from their inner cheek. Using this specimen, they test the genes related to nutrition and physical performance. There are 43 genes they focus on for the results.
Genes are then analyzed and a personalized plan is created. This plan can be accessed through the Your Results page on Fitness Genes.
Fitness Genes has locations in both the UK and the United States, and can ship results to almost any country in the world. They do their testing in the UK.

How long until I know my results?

Fitness Genes generally takes about 2-3 weeks to process results. To make sure all of the information is correct, they run the tests twice.

Is this company accredited?

Yes! They have the following accreditations:
Ø ISO 17025

How much is this going to cost?

It depends on which system you order. The starter system is $229 and includes:

Ø A DNA sample collection kit which you will use to collect your saliva;
Ø DNA analysis;
Ø The results report;
Ø Nutritional action blueprint so you will be able to apply your results to your lifestyle decisions;
Ø Scientific and genetic updates;
Ø 4 week starter training program so you won’t have to go it alone in the beginning.

Other systems with added perks are:
Ø Starter Plus for $259

Ø Fat-Loss for $259
Ø Bikini Body for $399

Ø Muscle-Building for $289
Ø Scott Herman for $399

What do Fitness Genes customers think?

Those who have used Fitnessgenes rave about the hidden information they now know about their bodies that has allowed them to tweak their fitness and eating plans for maximum results. Seasoned athletes and those completely new to healthy living have benefited. Fitness Genes has a 4 star rating from 61 reviews on Trust Pilot.

Ø The online database allows for information to constantly be updated to help make sure your plan grows and evolves as new information about fitness is made available. Plus, Fitness Genes takes online safety seriously and uses encryption to make sure your information is safe.
This is so far beyond the one-size-fits-all diet fads of the day. With knowledge of how your body specifically works, it’s easier to see and feel results faster. When you can actually witness changes quickly, it’s much easier to stick to a plan.

Ø Obviously, the systems with the most perks cost more than the basic packages. While the starter system is a good deal with a considerable amount included, if you want something extra, you will have to be willing to pay for it.
There are still many critics who feel like gene testing for fitness purposes is not effective. Opinions about this differ across the board, so you will have to make the choice on whether you believe this type of testing is a good idea.

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