vetgen.com review
Vetgen.com Review

Vetgen.com Review

Vetgen.com Overview

Veterinary Genetic Services, known as VetGen, is an animal genetic disease detection service. They are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This company works and collaborates with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University to develop genetic testing to diagnose genetic diseases in dogs, cats, and horses. Their goal is to continue research and continue to offer genetic testing for canine, equine, and feline. Their testing can be ordered online by the pet owner, breeder, or by a veterinarian. Sampling is done by an oral check swab and payments for testing can be made online. Most all test results are received in three weeks or less.
In addition to various genetic testing, VetGen offers DNA Profiling, parentage services and DNA storage for canine, feline, and equine. This testing can be ordered at any time, and DNA samples can be stored for ten years.

Canine Testing Services

VetGen offers a variety of genetic testing for canines. All the testing can be done by an oral check swab. This testing has been very helpful for dog breeders that are in the process of developing and implementing breeding plans.

Testing Available

Breed Identification Tests

These tests check the ancestry of mixed breed dogs, designer dogs, and purebred dogs.

Genetic Trait Tests

The genetic trait tests check for the following traits: color and non-color traits, furnishings, curly, and S Locus-testing for parti-color, piebald, and extreme white.

Genetic Disease Tests

VetGen has over 50 genetic disease tests available. A test that has been requested by many customers is the von Willebrand’s disease. This is known as a bleeding disease, and VetGen will test for five different mutations of this disease.

Feline Testing Services

VetGen offers genetic trait tests and profiling/parentage testing for felines.

Testing Available

Genetic Trait Test

All genetic testing can be done by an oral cheek swab. Testing for genetic traits in felines includes the following: Brown (Chocolate and Cinnamon), dilute, coat length, and profiling/parentage.

Equine Testing

VetGen offers disease testing for Arabian and Arabian cross breed. In addition to this testing, this company has also developed some specialized testing used for Quarter Horses and Paints. Another testing available includes coat color testing for black, chestnut, cream dilution, silver dilution, and profile/parentage testing.

Disease Testing for Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Paints

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
Lavender Foal Syndrome
Cerebellar Abiotrophy
Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency

VetGen is a company that is dedicated to improving the health of purebred animals. They offer specialized testing and the convenience of ordering testing online. VetGen adheres to a strict confidentially policy and will only release testing information to the person listed in the “Send Results To” section on the submission form that arrives with DNA sample.

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