Instantchemistry.com Review 

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Instantchemistry.com Review
Instant Chemistry

Instantchemistry.com Review

Instantchemistry.com Review

The Instant Chemistry couples test has been around for a while, and the test claims that it will show couples what makes their relationship tick. In addition, it will look at the possible weaknesses and strengths of a relationship. The test looks at neurocompatibility, biocompatibility and psychological compatibility. What’s interesting about this product is how they have packaged it in a way that will help your relationship to grow.

How to Start

The test begins with a saliva sample taken in for a DNA test. You will also have to complete a personality test online. What is interesting is that even people who said they were happy with their girlfriend or boyfriend said that they discovered new things about the relationship. Getting a closer look at the elements of the relationship that make it work can be a beneficial experience. After Instant Chemistry takes your saliva samples, they combine it with your personality test.

The Experience of Ordering

Placing an order was simple, and all you had to do was type in your email address and your significant other’s email address. Once you have clicked submit, you will be sent login information that lets you complete your personality test. The personality test is a series of multiple choice questions, and after that, you are given a breakdown of your personality. There are four categories:


  • Social


  • Submissiveness


  • Dominance


  • Intimacy

Within a few days of ordering, you receive a saliva collection kit that is simple to use. The problem here is that after sending the samples back to the lab, you never receive a confirmation that they were received. Considering you paid $149.00 for this test, they should be giving you a confirmation.

Result Time

It takes about four weeks after you have sent the sample, and after four weeks, you will be given an email from Instant Chemistry, and it contains a 27-page PDF report. You will have six different sections:


  • Welcome


  • Immune System


  • Neurogenetics


  • Psychology


  • Certificate of Compatibility


  • Overall Compatibility
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