Homednadirect.com Review

HomeDNAdirect.com  offers convenient, discreet DNA testing services through the mail. Customers purchase a kit online, which is sent to them in discrete packaging from California, along with instructions for collecting the sample using the provided swabs. Once the individual mails the DNA sample, HomeDNAdirect performs the test within three to ten days and then sends the customer the results via email. Express testing, which is performed within two business days after the sample is received, is available for an additional $70 fee. HomeDNAdirect has ten laboratories worldwide.

Available DNA Tests

HomeDNAdirect offers paternity, relationship baby gender and prenatal testing. Standard and motherless paternity tests and maternal cost $119; court admissible paternity tests, where a physician, nurse or attorney must verify the sample and send it to homeDNAdirect cost $299. Home paternity testing is not available to New York State residents.

Non-invasive prenatal paternity is available for $1590 for women who are at least 11 weeks pregnant. The test requires a blood sample from the mother who must have a nurse or phlebotomist collect, and mouth swabs from the potential father. This test is not available to women who are expecting twins.

Relationship testing, including sibling, grandparentage and aunt and uncle DNA testing, will determine biological link between two people. Prices for these tests start at $299.

Trademarked AncestrybyDNA testing, which costs $129, reveals more about an individual’s origin. Results are available within four weeks after homeDNAdirect receives the sample.

Gender prediction testing is available for $299, starting from the 9th week of pregnancy. The test requires a blood sample from the mother.

Infidelity testing is not possible, but individuals can have suspicious stains, hairs, cigarette buts or a used Kleenex tissues tested for male or female DNA. HomeDNAdirect lists all the types of samples that they can test, along with the accuracy results of each test on their company website.

DNA testing, which is accepted by the Immigration and Naturalization Services, is also furnished by homeDNAdirect. DNA testing is not required, but it may be suggested by a Consular Officer to ease the visa application process.

Accuracy and Accreditation

HomeDNAdirect tests 21 genetic markers, ensuring their customers receive accurate results. In cases of paternity testing, the lab’s results are 99.9 percent accurate. ISO17025 accreditation assures homeDNAdirect USA offers precise, reliable results. Information about reading test results is accessible on the company’s website.

HomeDNA Direct Reviews

HomeDNAdirect receives excellent reviews online, with consumers mentioning the company’s low prices and quick results. While not BBB accredited, homeDNAdirect has an A+ rating, with no complaints in the last 12 months.

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