DNA Consultants Review 

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DNAconsultants.com  Review

DNA Consultants started their DNA testing business in 2003. Just very recently, they decided to move the family business to Longmont, Colorado. DNA Consultants are highly trained and educated professionals with degrees in: philology and the social sciences and history. With a deep knowledge of population studies and genealogy, they are sure to give you accurate results about your unknown ethnicity.

Even though they are highly trained in dealing with innovative technology, the family staff at DNA Consultants is still committed to customer service. They will make sure that your DNA analysis will suit your personal research goals. They will provide a report that you can read and comprehend easily.

Tests are customary and up to date. Your confidentiality is protected as your results. Upon receiving your results, you will be contacted by DNA Consultants. You are also encouraged to keep in touch with them.

What Makes DNAconsultants.com better than other companies?

DNA Consultants are smaller than other companies. They are able to pay close and special attention to their clients’ tests and needs. Choosing DNA Consultants, you can be assured of testing quality.

How many tests does DNAconsultants.com offer and what are they?

DNAconsultants.com offers 39 different DNA tests. Only 6 of them are covered here:

DNA Fingerprint Plus – This test will analyze your whole ancestral background utilizing a special ’18 Marker Ethnic Panel.’ This feature can determine if you’ve inherited ethnic traits from one or both parents. This is the site’s best seller. A rush option is available and a report will be sent to you 4 business days after lab receipt.

Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus – This test examines your DNA to check whether you have any kinship with Indian tribes. It also tests to see you have any Native American markers.

Jewish DNA Fingerprint Plus – A DNA test that examines your ancestry determining whether you have any ethnic traits of African, Asian, Native American, and of course Jewish or Non-Jewish. The top matches of your ancestry from various European countries is also available to you.

Premium Combo DNA Test – An extensive analysis on your mtDNA and Y-Chromosome. This testing will be compared to the world’s most prominent DNA information bases. Available for men and women. The test takes anywhere from 10 – 14 days depending on when the lab receives your sample(s).

Premium Male DNA Test – Accurate tests 25 markers on the male’s Y-chromosome to develop an understanding of the origin of your surname. Trace your father, grandfather, great grandfather and so on. The turnaround time for this test is about three weeks. An electronic report is also available for email.

Cherokee Indian Test – From their website “Your personal DNA profile is compared with our data for more than 50 American Indian populations from numerous countries in North, Central,  and South America. In addition to Cherokee, possible matches included Apache, Navajo, Salishan, Inuit, Lumbee, Maya, Huichols and Canadian aboriginal tribes, representing a total of nearly 5,000 subjects who identified as Native American, American Indian, indigenous or aboriginal in forensic studies.”

How do I know which test is for me?

DNA Consultants has a section on the site called “dna wizard.” Here, you can take a quiz that will give you a complete evaluation. You can then decide which DNA test is right for you.

With each test you will receive a package and a collection kit. All you have to do is swab your cheek with the provided cotton swab and return the kit to DNAconsultants.com.

The new Primeval DNA est will compare your DNA to a different group of ancient individuals that belong to some kind of culture andcame from certain sites. The new Primeval test is primeval DNA and it is theresult of the collaboration between its inventor Dr.  Aaron Del Lake of theUniversity of Sheffield in England andthe DNA testing company DNA consultants founded by Dr. Donald Yates this truly revolutionary test uses ancient DNA recovered from skeletons to compare your personal genome to actual people who lived hundreds or even thousands ofyears ago the results are instantly displayed to you online ancient DNA iscompletely overturning what we thought we knew about our ancestors for thefirst time you can explore directly your genetic similarity with real merican Indians such as the Chumash PaleoIndians your personal genome is comparednot with hypothetical Vikings but with the DNA extracted from the bones of real Vikings buried in a cemetery in Icelandaround the Year 1000 Egyptian mummies

All tests have an option for Priority Mail, Rush Mail or Express Delivery. (Delivery Times can be affected by testing times as well.)


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