Genedx.com DNA Testing 

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genedx.com dna testing
Genedx.com DNA Testing

Genedx.com DNA Testing

GeneDx Health Tests Review
What is GeneDx.com?

GeneDx offers tests for rare genetic disorders for customers and their families. Their mission is to give healthcare providers information that can help them make diagnoses and care plans. They offer tests for people of any age, including pre-natal tests. These tests are not meant to predict the risk of a genetic disease but rather to diagnosis a rare genetic disorder.

Products and Services

GeneDx has a wide variety of tests available, including for neurology, mitochondrial tests, oncology, cardiology, cytogenetics and duplication/deletion analysis.

For those not ordering a specific test, GeneDx offers XomeDx, which is whole exome sequencing analysis. XomeDxPlus provides exome sequencing as well as mitochondrial genome sequencing and deletion testing. XomeDxSlice is a phenotype-driven version of the same test, used for more specific results. These tests help identify the causes of a genetic disease. When using XomeDxXpress, physicians will receive a verbal report of the results after just seven calendar days. Mutation-Specific Testing is less costly and more rapid than diagnostic analysis of the whole gene. Pricing is dependent on whether testing is done for one or two mutations.

Results Wait Time
The time it takes to receive the results varies depending on the test and whether or not abnormal results need to be confirmed. On average, the results take anywhere from two to 10 weeks. Patients can check the turnaround time based on the test.

Customer Service and Reviews
GeneDx makes receiving copies of results or extra testing easy. If a test result is lost or was never received, physicians can request an extra copy. They can also add on other tests without having to send in another specimen.

GeneDx offers several ways to contact them for customer service questions, including a mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Most customer reviews about GeneDx’s customer service are positive. However, the Better Business Bureau has received and closed several complaints about billing and insurance issues. Still, GeneDx has an A rating by the BBB.

GeneDx is licensed by the College of American Pathologists, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and in Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, California, Florida and Pennsylvania.

The cost of a test depends on the type of test, shipping supplies and what type of insurance the patient has. GeneDx is not a Medicare or Medicaid provider, but it does accept all commercial insurance plans.

The patient may also have to purchase shipping supplies. The billing for the tests and supplies arrive separately from the test results.

• GeneDx accepts commercial insurance plans

• Clients can easily add new tests for the same specimen

• Offers services for international clients

• XomeDxXpress gives a verbal result in seven days

• Tests are ordered and received by physicians, not patients

• New York State clients may need to file extra paperwork for certain tests

• GeneDx does not accept Medicare or Medicaid

• The test are diagnostic, not predictive

GeneDx is a good source for genetic testing for patients who have rare genetic disorders. These tests can help physicians diagnosis these disorders and provide care plans, but they cannot be used to predict the possibility of a future child having a genetic disorder.

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