Anabolicgenes.com DNA Tests 

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anabolicgenes.com dna tests
Anabolicgenes.com DNA Tests

Anabolicgenes.com DNA Tests

Anabolicgenes.com DNA Tests Review

AnabolicGenes offers a way for people to determine their exercise and nutrition requirements through their DNA. A DNA sample can be tested to see how a person’s body responds to exercise and nutrition and determine the most advisable plans to get the best results. Tests and reports include: Muscle fiber type composition, Recovery and training frequency, Training volume and intensity, Steady-State Cardio vs HIIT, mTOR anabolic signaling, Isometric, excentric, concentric contractions and rep tempo, Vasodilatation and blood flow (Are you genetically predisposed to a good vasodilation ?) and Testosterone production.

Training Analysis

When a person’s DNA is analyzed, the results can indicate the proper intensity levels for training. The results can further let a person know their risk for overtraining and whether or not more cardio or aerobic exercises should be included in a fitness plan. Whether a person responds better to workouts with longer duration or shorter, more intense duration can also be determined based on his or her type of muscle fibers. A person can even find out how often they should be training to get the best results along with the recommended recovery periods. Blood vessel response and testosterone production are other factors that this DNA test can detect.

Nutrition Analysis

Information from the nutrition analysis can be used to help people create the right nutrition plans. Factors such as fatty acid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and salt sensitivity are noted with each test result. The DNA analysis can also notify people of their daily requirements for omega-3 fatty acids B vitamins and antioxidants. People can even find out whether or not they are lactose intolerant.

Submitting Samples

Submitting a DNA sample is easy. A testing kit can be ordered and used at home. The kit can then be used to gather a sample of saliva to be submitted to the lab for testing.

Test Cost

The all-in-one test, which includes the training and nutrition analyses, is available for $279. The training DNA test alone is $96.

Results Waiting Period

Results are generally ready within three to four weeks and are delivered in e-book format.

Company Location

AnabolicGenes has offices in Paris, Berlin, Abu Dhabi and Salt Lake City.


AnabolicGenes has been ranked in the top five by DNA Testing Choice. Woodbury Magazine has also recognized the company for excellence.

Customer Reviews

Many people have given AnabolicGenes a maximum of five stars. Some satisfied users have claimed to lose weight and are impressed with the informative reports and reasonable pricing.


The fact that saliva samples are submitted means that there is no need to use needles to draw blood. The sample collection can also be done in the privacy of a home setting.


Depending on where a person is ordering from, a currency converter may need to be used, which can be confusing for some users. The abundance of information that is included with the results may seem somewhat overwhelming to some. Certain customers have also complained that their results took longer than four weeks to receive.

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