DNA Vitality.com DNA Fitness Testing Review 

By  Editorial Team

DNA Vitality.com DNA Tests
DNA Vitality DNA Tests

DNA Vitality

DNA Vitality.com offers a report in three different areas using your DNA to analyze what type of diet and nutrition your body requires. After sending in your DNA, you will receive a report in each of the following areas:

Nutrition and Well-being
The DNA Vitality.com  analysis from your DNA will show you how you can optimize your nutrition and wellness through a personalized gene-based nutrition program. Your report will include:
• Analysis of 20 genes that are involved in the seven key biological processes
• A healthy eating plan and dietary goals which will provide which vitamins, phyto-chemicals, minerals and nutritional supplements they suggest

You will also receive a comprehensive guide from DNA Vitality.com that will include:
• A description of how your genes and well-being are connected
• The results of your genetic test and what your genes impact are on the different areas of your health
• A personal lifestyle report just for you that includes suggestions on changes in your nutrition and lifestyle
• Other recommendations that are based on your genetic profile

Fitness and Sport Max
The next text analyzes your DNA on your fitness ability to play sports. It will include information on your potential to play sports, how trainable you are, exercise selections for optimal training, your injury risk and strategies for recovery. Your report will include:
• Analysis of 21 genes that are related to your power, endurance, recovery and injury potential
You will also receive a comprehensive guide containing:
• A breakdown of your performance potential including how your genes will impact your power and endurance
• A program for training that is tailored to your genetic make-up
• What your athletic potential is and some key training principles
• How your genes will affect injuries and recovery
• Strategies for nutritional recovery

Diet and Weight Loss
Your DNA test for Diet and Weight Loss gives an analysis of your DNA to determine what type of diet and exercise will be beneficial to your body for weight loss. Your report will include:
• How 13 genes impact your exercise and metabolism
• A tailor made program for nutrition and exercise
You will also receive:
• What your obesity risk is
• What your genetic response is to saturated fat and carbohydrates
• What exercise intensity will help you meet your goals
• A tailored diet plan just for you

DNA Vitality.com was founded in England and provides customers with state-of-the–art DNA based fitness, health and diet plans that are personalized just for them. By using your DNA, DNA Vitality works with scientific advances in human genome research and provides these finding in an affordable format for their customers.

DNA Vitality emphasizes the relationship between genes, lifestyle and nutrition to reveal an individual’s health and wellness. Genetic tests are a valuable tool in health and wellness management and they use cutting-edge molecular technologies to offer customers high-quality and reliable information.

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