WeGene DNA Testing Review 

By  Editorial Team

Wegene DNA testing can be ordered at Wegene.com.  Wegene DNA is a Chinese DNA testing service, but available throughout east Asia. It offers detailed reports and testing for ¥999. It offers a wide variety of DNA reports, including ancestral, medical, and nutritional, and the price is lower than some competitors, making it ideal for anyone looking for a quick summary of his or her genetics.

While WeGene DNA it is a small business, Wegene DNA testing is developing a reputation for quality testing and genome sequencing, especially among people looking to know more about their family and genetic history. The service is fast and inexpensive, allowing people who are curious about their heritage and possible health risks to get detailed results in a relatively small timeframe.

The process for getting testing from Wegene.com is simple. First, customers can order a sample testing kit in the mail, which is then used to collect saliva samples before being sent to Wegene. During the testing phase, one can log in to the site to view the progress made in the testing, and within 4-6 weeks, the results will be mailed back. Results are also permanently stored on Wegene.com for anyone looking for a place to keep records online.

The reports that Wegene provides are surprisingly detailed, considering the low price. In total, users can expect to get a thorough family history summary, nine different athletic and sports analyses, thirteen nutritional notes, summaries of health risks, possible genetic diseases, drug reactions, likely personalities, and more.

Although Wegene has not been in the running for long, it has connections with the better established Illumina Sequencing Solutions, Affymetrics technology, and DNA Genotech. It also provides a detailed question and answer section that describes the testing processes and the basics of genetic studies. Also, even though Wegene stores report and testing data on its users’ accounts, it holds a strong privacy policy and a full ethics committee, and it will not share or steal the information.

Anyone in east Asia looking for an inexpensive DNA test should consider Wegene. The service is professional, and the price is affordable for even the mildly curious. The reports are excellent for those interested in genealogy, health, and personal nutrition goals, and the information in the reports is thorough and easy to interpret.

You can read more upload your WeGene results to GEDMatch.

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