Swabtest.com Paternity Test Review 

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swabtest.com paternity test review
Swabtest.com Paternity Test Review

Swabtest.com Paternity Test Review

Swabtest.com Company

Swabtest.com is a website run by the genetic testing company Genex. Swabtest provides home paternity and ancestry tests that, as their name implies, rely on the buccal swab method to collect samples. The company also offers on-site ancestry testing for legal purposes.

Swabtest.com’s home tests include a simple one father, one child test as well as a variety of others designed to test paternity involving multiple children, multiple potential fathers. The site also sells maternity tests, sibling tests, aunt/uncle tests, forensic DNA tests, grandparent tests, and combo ancestry tests. Their tests start at $79 for the basic one child, one father test. If you buy a home test first and later require a legally-valid test for the same case, the price of the first test is subtracted from the cost of the legal test.

Home tests can be delivered by courier within 24 hours, or in around a week by mail. Once you receive the test, simply use the provided swabs to take DNA samples from the mouths of everyone you want to test and then deliver the samples to the lab. If one of the people you want to test is not available, you can use hair, licked stamps, dried saliva stains, or other material to get that person’s DNA. Your results will be available 3 to 5 days after you deliver samples to the lab. For legally-valid testing, you will need to bring everyone you desire to test to one of Genex’s many lab locations to be tested in person.

Genex guarantees its tests to be more than 99.99% accurate. If you find that your test produced faulty results, Swabtest.com will refund your money in full. All samples are tested twice to ensure accuracy. Genex is one of the largest DNA testing companies in the world and is the number one choice for most law professionals, doctors, and government agencies. The company’s home tests also have excellent reviews from third-party sites. Unlike other online paternity test companies, Swabtest.com has its own laboratories. That means that you get laboratory-direct pricing, and you know that the lab your samples are being sent to has a good reputation. Swabtest.com is one of the best, most trustworthy companies in the paternity testing field.

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