Pathway Genomics For Carrier Testing 

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pathway genomics for carrier testing
Pathway Genomics for Carrier Testing

Pathway Genomics For Carrier Testing

Pathway Genomics General Information

Pathway Genomics was founded in 2008 based in San Diego. They became famous for their dedication to innovation. That is why it has been leading the commercial healthcare industry. Providing clients with the most validated and personalized healthcare information delivered to any device is their focus. Their IBM Watson is the first of it’s kind with artificial intelligence and deep learning with precision medicine which is applicable to both consumers and providers.

Their company’s CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory provides physicians and their patients in more than 40 different countries with actionable and accurate precision healthcare information to improve or maintain health and wellness.

Tests They Offer

Their testing services cover several conditions that include somatic and heredity cancer, cardiac health, carrier screening, diet and weight loss, as well as drug response for specific medications including those used in pain management and mental health.

They have a selection of tests available:

  • Liquid Biopsy Tests – A blood-based non-invasive test for the detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).

1. CancerIntercept Detect – meant for patients at high risk to develop cancer in their lifetime. Risk factors including, but not limited to:

a. Known hereditary cancer syndrome e.g. Carrier of a BRCA1 pathogenic variant

b. Family history of cancer e.g. Mother diagnosed with colon cancer

c. Lifestyle choices e.g. History of smoking

d. Environmental exposures e.g. previous exposure to radiation

2. CancerIntercept Monitor – meant for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer including, but not limited to:

a. Breast Cancer

b. Ovarian Cancer

c. Colorectal Cancer

d. Lung Cancer

e. Melanoma

  • Hereditary Cancer – Understand your family history of cancer, and learn about future potential cancer risks.

1. BRCATrue – Comprehensive analysis of BRCA1 and BRCA2

2. BreastTrue High-Risk Panel – Comprehensive analysis of 7 high-risk breast cancer genes including PALB2

3. BRCATrue Ashkenazi Jewish (3-Site) – Analysis of the 3 common Ashkenazi Jewish mutations

4. BRCATrue Hispanic (8-Site) – Analysis of 8 recurrent pathogenic variants in the Mexican and Hispanic populations

5. Available Reflex Options

a. BRCATrue Ashkenazi Jewish (3-site) with reflex to BRCATrue

b. BRCATrue Ashkenazi Jewish (3-site) with reflex to BreastTrue High-Risk Panel

c. BRCATrue Hispanic (8-site) with reflex to BRCATrue

d. BRCATrue Hispanic (8-site) with reflex to BreastTrue High-Risk Panel

e. BRCATrue with reflex to BreastTrue High-Risk Panel

6. ColoTrue – Analysis of 14 high-risk colorectal cancer genes

7. LynchSyndromeTrue – Comprehensive analysis of 5 genes associated with Lynch syndrome

8. Familial Studies Program – Pathway Genomics offers a complimentary Familial Studies Program to help understand the significance of these genetic changes, and how the patient and family members may be affected.

9. Genetic Variant Reclassification – Classification of genetic variants is re-evaluated either every six months after the last classification or when new scientific evidence is available, whatever happens first.

  • Carrier Screening – Understanding potential hereditary risks for future children.
  • General Health & Wellness – Empowering patients and physicians with genetics-based information to help make better overall lifestyle choices.
  • Pharmacogenomics – Using genetics to understand and optimize the use of commonly prescribed medications.

They believe that the future of medicine allows patients to receive affordable, personalized and precise care. Learn more about Pathway Genomics today!

Read more at Carrier DNA Tests.com

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