Optigen.com Dog DNA Testing Review 

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optigen.com dog dna testing review
Optigen.com Dog DNA Testing Review

Optigen.com Dog DNA Testing Review

Optigen: Animal Genetics Testing

Optigen is a company that provides DNA testing to diagnose inherited diseases in dogs. They promise the highest quality testing and diagnostic services available on the market. Top researchers in the field came together to discover the procedures to test for the diseases. Though, procedures are only half of the battle. With the help of many breeders, field tests have shown accurate genetic results. The knowledge from the research they have done is insurmountable. They have become leaders in evaluating the technical standards in genetic diseases. They have streamlined the tests to ensure a faster turn-around and a more accurate test. These facts qualify them for the prestigious, ISO accreditation.

Since no dog breed is the same, Optigen, offers many different tests for each breed. These tests could be for such things as blindness and deafness to the look of their coat. The acuity of the tests allows breeders to know exactly which genes their dogs carry. After testing, Optigen gives the breeder a report on what they discovered in their tests. Additionally, Optigen supplies breeders with information on how to prevent and maintenance of the diseases should their animal carry an inherited disease.

The number of tests offered at Optigen, coupled with their successful research, allows for a lot of advantages if you decide to choose Optigen for genetic testing. Optigen guarantees your results in ten business days. Other companies wait times can range from four to six weeks. This time, frame allows for testing and quality control during the procedures. Even though the procedures are extremely accurate, human error can occur when reading the results. Two scientists will be reading over the results to combat this. Another important thing about Optigen is the way they handle your specimen. Instead of having to hand over a sample anytime you need testing, Optigen, freezes your samples for future use. As the samples will already be in the laboratory, should you decide to have more tests run, you do not have to pay to ship another specimen?

Lastly, the cost and reviews of the company are some of the most important things to think about when looking into DNA testing. You want to make sure that you are getting the best services for your money. While Optigen has a lot of advantages, such as the freezing of your sample and quality control, the companies disadvantage is the pricing for its tests. It is on the high end when it comes to having DNA evaluated. The companies tests range from 70 to 200 dollars. The company does offer a fair amount of discounts and group deals. The discounts take a fair amount off so you can have the best when it comes to DNA testing. With Optigen offering discounts and freezing of your specimen it is safe to say that they work hard to please the people. Customers who have reviewed the company enjoy the company and believe they are one of the best companies to work with for genetic testing.

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