Nimble Diagnostics Review
Nimble Diagnostics Review

Nimble Dianostics DNA Test Reviews

Wondering About Your DNA?: Nimble Diagnostics Can Help
Our DNA makes us all unique. From the color of our eyes, the complexion of our skin, and the color of our hair–DNA is the makeup of our physical characteristics. In today’s world, DNA is what tells us the paternity of an individual, the history of our ancestors, and even whether we are related to someone else. Choosing where to get DNA testing from is extremely important. Ensuring that the testing company is fully accredited will give you security in receiving the accurate results you are looking for. For accuracy in DNA testing, Nimble Diagnostics is just what you need.

About Nimble Diagnostics

Accredited and certified by the AABB, ISO 17025, and NATA, Nimble Diagnostics is an Australian-based DNA testing company with the mission of providing valuable and accurate genetic diagnostic test and biomedical products at affordable prices. It offers services worldwide, including the US. All test kits are mailed to the parties to be tested within 24 hours after receiving the order, with the cost of shipping and results already included in the advertised price. The sample is simply taken by rubbing a soft swab in the inside of each party’s cheek. Once completed, the test kit is shipped back to Nimble Diagnostics, where testing will then begin. Every single testing is done in laboratories by scientists from several molecular biology disciplines. Each staff that tests and reports results have an M.D. and/or Ph.D. degree, guaranteeing that every staff member know exactly what they are doing. The results, usually available with one week, are presented as a report, which can either be emailed, mailed, or both.

Types of DNA Testing At Nimble Diagnostics

DNA Paternity Testing
DNA Paternity testing is available from $249. When the completed test kit is returned to Nimble Diagnostics’ laboratory, at least eighteen genetic markers are used to retrieve accurate results. In the report, this will most often either be zero percent, indicating the alleged father is NOT the child’s true father, or greater than 99.9%, indicating that the alleged father is almost certainly the child’s true father.

Prenatal Gender Testing
The only testing that requires a small amount of blood to be taken from the mother’s finger as a painless prick, this test kit costs $299. Gender can be accurately tested seven weeks after conception. Results have an accuracy rate of 95%.

Family Relationship Testing
Pricing at $499, family relation testing is similar to DNA paternity testing. This type of testing, as it name applies, is to find if two individuals are related.

Ancestry DNA Testing
The price for this particular test is $299. The individual’s DNA uses various population genetics statistics to calculate that the proportion of their DNA is derived from specific geographical or ethnic ancestral sources.

Other Services Offered By Nimble Diagnostics

If you like art and science, Nimble Diagnostic’s DNA art service will inspire you. At $349, your DNA can be printed on a variety of sizes on several different substrates, including canvas, paper, acrylic, or metal. Fingerprint art is also offered.

Cancer Nutraceuticals
Do you have cancer or did you already beat cancer? Nimble Diagnostics makes available three unique “nutraceutical” blends of bioactive molecules specifically formulated for current or past sufferers of prostate cancer, colon or bowel cancer, or stomach cancer. Cancer Nutraceuticals, starting from $9.99, contain naturally-occurring, safe, and well-studied compounds that have been scientifically proven to both kill cancer cells in patients who actively have cancer, and also decrease the chance of the cancer reoccurring.

How Nimble Diagnostics Compares To Other Testing Companies
Nimble Diagnostics is one of the best DNA testing companies out there. In comparison to other testing companies, Nimble Diagnostics offers:

High Standards: Laboratory is fully accredited
High Quality: All staff members have an M.D. and/or Ph.D. degree
International Orders: Orders are accepted from anywhere in the world
Rapid Testing: Get results within one week
No Hidden Charges: All charges are already included within the advertised cost

There are many positive reviews of Nimble Diagnostics, including
one user stating:

“I’ve tried the nimble diagnostics test. It was fast (a few days I think) and accurate for me. I did it at 7 weeks which is much earlier than an ultrasound so I recommend you go for it if you’re like me and can’t wait!! :)” (Countdown My Pregnancy, 2016).

Closing: Pros and Cons
Nimble Diagnostics’ goal is to provide DNA testing with the highest standards in mind. There are many pros with using Nimble Diagnostics, including inexpensive costs, accurate and fast results, and high quality staff. However, there are no cons associated with Nimble Diagnostics. They deliver high-standard testing results, and if you are not satisfied, they offer a money-back guarantee. There are no risks! Try it out!


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