My DNA Health Genetic Testing Review 

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my dna health genetic testing review
My DNA Health Genetic Testing Review

My DNA Health Genetic Testing Review

Analyzing Your Health: My DNA Health

Do you have issues losing weight even though you exercise? If you do, the issue is your DNA, the genetic pathways that make us all unique. The difficulty of losing weight although you exercise can lead to extreme frustration. Does your body release excessive cortisol during stress? Does your liver contain toxins that do not allow proper waste removal? Or do you have genes that make you crave food and absorb excessive sugars and fats? If you find that you are unable to lose weight no matter what you do, testing your DNA to answer these three questions can prove to be beneficial. There’s no better DNA testing company that will analyze your genetic weaknesses than My DNA Health.

About My DNA Health Genetic Testing Review

My DNA Health, based in the United Kingdom, is an accredited genetic testing company that assists individuals in achieving their weight, health, and wellness goals. My DNA Health has a dedicated team of medical professionals and nutritionists with expertise in Human Genetics, Molecular Biology, Nutritional Genomics and Dietetics. The process is started by placing your order of DNA Complete. MY DNA Health will then mail you a test kit, in which you will complete by a gentle and painless swab of the inside of the cheek. Once finished, ship the collected saliva sample back to My DNA Health and the testing and analyzing of your DNA will begin. Within four to six weeks from receiving the sample, results will be ready.

My DNA Health Genetic Testing Service

This service costs $240 to start the testing process. After sending in saliva sample, My DNA Health will begin testing your level of absorbing sugars and fats, the inability to not lose fat with exercise, your fat formation due to stress levels, how you craving foods causing weight gain, your genetic risks of becoming diabetic and putting weight, and your liver’s toxin levels that result in weight gain. Following the company analyzing these features in your genetics, you will receive your personalized report. You will gain complete advice, based on your specific genes, on how you should diet and exercise, in addition to what nutritional supplements are required.


My DNA Health offers a variety of supplements to help improve weight-loss and health and give you the support you need based on your personalized genetic testing results. All supplements are priced at $45.


This natural supplement is a metabolism booster for healthy people. It opens beta-receptors to release fat for energy during exercise and weight loss.


My DNA Health will give you access to this natural supplement that reduces cravings, which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, decreasing risk in developing diabetes.


This natural supplement needs to be taken daily in order to improve liver function and remove toxins, resulting in weight loss and an increase in energy levels.


When burned out, Reboot, a combination of a proprietary herbal extract blend, decreases exhaustion caused by adrenal burnout.


This is a natural supplement that reduces anxiety and stress reaction. Stress is one of the causes for weight gain.


Sleep has natural ingredients that generate melatonin to induce a restful sleep. Not getting enough restful sleep has been linked to both stress and weight gain.

Sugar Block

This natural supplement processes excess sugar, resulting in weight gain reduction.

How My DNA Health Compares To Other Advice

There are many pharmacies, health food shops, magazines and supermarkets that are stacked with dietary and nutrition advice. They offer advice to the general public. My DNA Health is different. They offer personalized advice to individuals based on their genetics because they know that everyone is unique and have their own way of staying healthy.

Pros and Cons

My DNA Health gives personalized results to individuals, analyzed by the unique DNA. DNA testing answers your questions pertaining to why you are not achieving your health and weight loss goals. And best of all, the information is almost 100% accurate, with an error rate of 0.001%. Although there are wonderful features with DNA testing, it takes a lot of time to test and analyze a sample (Lombardo, 2015). Other than that, DNA testing is extremely advantageous. Let My DNA Health help you change your life. Throw your worries about your health away.


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Read more at: https://www.mydnahealth.co.uk/

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