Mobile Paternity Testing Truck 

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Mobile Paternity Testing Truck
Mobile Paternity Tests

The New York Post spent a few weeks following a mobile paternity testing truck referred to as the “Who’s Your Daddy Truck” watch men take DNA tests and getting results from past tests.

Health Street, the testing company, has two 27-foot Winnebagos with “Who’s Your Daddy?” plastered on each side. The trucks offer paternity tests along with drug testing and other tests. They charge $350 for a legal paternity tests. The New York Post paid for some men’s DNA test so they could interview them later. The mobile paternity testing truck did the DNA tests with a cheek swab and their results were ready in a few days.

From the original article: “It’s life-changing news that we give,” said Health Street owner Jared Rosenthal, 42, adding that revealing test results is one of the most difficult things he has to do, bringing either a twinkle — or a tear — to a suspected father’s eyes.

“We take it very seriously, because whether the person turns out to have the biological relationship they were hoping to have, or not, it’s going to affect them,” he said.”

HealthStreet Mobile DNA Testing

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From the Health Street Mobile Paternity Testing Truck website: “Paternity testing is the most common form of DNA testing, but relationships such as siblings, grandparents, aunts, or uncles can also be proven or disproven. Tests are either performed by professionals at a clinic, or by yourself using a home kit. In fact, DNA testing can even be done postmortem. And now, prenatal paternity tests take the stress out of pregnancy with no risk to the unborn. While a cheek swab is the most common method of obtaining DNA for a test, alternatives like hair, semen, or fingernails can be used.” Very few of the DNA testing companies test hair, semen, or fingernails, making this company unusual. DNA tests for these unusual items is $650.

Health Street is located in New York. Recently they have been filming people getting their test results and airing the videos on a Who’s Your Daddy” local TV show called Swab Stories.

If you live in New York you may want to consider Health Street for your paternity test needs.

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