Identigene DNA Testing 

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identigene dna testing
Identigene DNA Testing

Identigene DNA Testing

Identigene Paternity Results

Since 1993, the Identigene DNA Testing Laboratory has been giving peace of mind and court-admissible proof of paternity to people across America and in other nations. Consumers can buy a test kit online or at various retail outlets. Samples can be sent to the main laboratory for testing, and most results are generated within two business days after receipt. Consumers who are looking for results that will be admissible in court can contact the company directly to schedule an appointment with a laboratory near them. That lab then forwards the samples to Identigene for testing.

On its website, Identigene touts the speed and accuracy of its test results. The company promises to process all samples within two days of receipt. After this time, it is possible for customers to confidentially access their test results. This can be done online via any Internet-enabled device or over the phone. The customer can also choose to have a hard copy of the results mailed to them.

The website also notes that Identigene’s facility is one of the most accredited in its field. Their testing methods include the use of robotic DNA extraction platforms and liquid-handling workstations. A two-time, blind testing method is utilized to enhance accuracy. System controls, checks and balances and proficiency testing are all employed to ensure reliable, efficient results.

Identigene employs well-qualified, highly educated individuals who specialize in the scientific disciplines that support accurate DNA testing. The company has earned 30 Lean Six Sigma green belts and a black belt which ensure that employees are dedicated to offering exceptional service with speed and accuracy.

The company’s home test kits are available at a modest price in many drug stores and similar retail outlets. An additional testing fee must be paid when mailing in the sample and paperwork. Identigene’s kits include a postage-paid envelope to cover the cost of shipping to the Identigene facility. Many people may choose to do this on an overnight basis, in which case they may need to pay for additional mailing costs. Customers who require test results that can be used in a court must pay additional fees for ensuring the appropriate chain of title.

It’s important for customers to understand the stated timeline when awaiting test results. Identigene undertakes to provide test results within two days of the receipt of a sample at their facility. However, it’s important to note that this is two business days, which means that holidays and weekends are excluded. In addition, if customers use the postage-paid envelope that is included with the kit, this can take five to seven days to arrive at the facility. Anyone who is working with a deadline should keep this timeline in mind.

Overall, Identigene appears to provide efficient and reliable results for paternity tests. Picking up a kit is convenient thanks to their availability in a variety of retail settings. It’s helpful that Identigene also partners with local lab facilities to provide court-admissible testing. For convenience, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, it’s tough to top Identigene.

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