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Horizonscreen.com Review

Horizonscreen Carrier Testing

Horizonscreen Carrier test Screening is a DNA testing service that provides information on potential recessive genetic disorders one may have or pass on through reproduction based upon their specific DNA fingerprint. This company primarily focuses on 274 autosomal recessive and X-linked genetic disorders or predispositions, such as Cystic Fibrosis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, certain deficiencies, and Cohen Syndrome. Although an individual may carry a specific gene linked to a genetic disorder, that does not mean that the individual has it. If the condition is recessive, then the individual does not display the condition, but has a 50% chance of passing their gene onto offspring through the process of reproduction. If that individual’s partner also carries the recessive gene and they both pass it onto their child, then the condition will be observed in the offspring.

The cost of these carrier screens can vary tremendously based on a number of factors. The specific type of carrier screening one chooses to apply for plays a part in the overall cost. Additionally, many insurance or medicaid plans can cover a large part of the cost for a DNA carrier screening. The only way to get a true estimate is to first determine which screening to do and how you plan on paying for it, then contact the company at 650-249-9090 and schedule a phone appointment to get an estimate. On the other hand, one may contact their local doctor and discuss options to obtain a carrier screening test by providing a sample of either blood or saliva. Results take approximately two weeks to reach the doctor, who will then proceed to contact the patient and deliver the results to them.

Horizon is incredibly useful when it comes to discussing reproduction options and ensuring that no deleterious genetic disorders are passed on through the generations. Many families receive screening tests in order to understand the numerical chances of passing on specific recessive conditions or predispositions to their potential children.

Consumer reviews appear to be nothing but positive about this screening company. They truly dedicate themselves to their clients and pride themselves in delivering results with 100% accuracy. The staff at Horizon is very well-trained in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and clinical research. The laboratory in which this specific test is performed has been certified by the CLIA and determined to be effective and accurate. Horizonscreen carrier testing center is a good choice when you looking for answers that could affect your child or child-to-be.

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