Gensoldx.com Canine DNA Testing Review 

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gensoldx.com canine dna testing review
Gensoldx.com Canine DNA Testing Review

Gensoldx.com Canine DNA Testing Review

Canine Genetic Testing – What Your Furry Friend Wants You to Know

Are you a dog breeder wishing to do genetic testing prior to breeding? Perhaps, you’d like to know if your furry friend has any diseases specific to its breed that could be treated preventively? If so, you don’t want to trust Fido’s genetic testing to just any company. You want to make an informed decision. Read on for information about GenSol, a company that offers canine genetic testing, and find out what services they provide and what consumers are saying about their experiences.

A Brief but Dogged History

GenSol, founded in 2008, is the brainchild of Dr. Micah D. Halpern. Dr. Halpern founded GenSol after a personal experience with canine genetic testing, involving his own dog, Dexter. After seeing the high costs involved, Dr. Halpern was motivated to offer readily available and low-cost testing. He wanted to afford breeders and pet owners the diagnostic tools to screen for genetic disorders – for breeders to be informed of any diseases prior to breeding, and for pet parents to acquire any necessary preventive care for their pet’s optimum health.

In addition to bringing extensive expertise in the fields of Biomedical Sciences and Forensic DNA Analysis, Dr. Halpern also worked as a researcher for the Brookfield Zoo, where he studied the genetic diversity of wild and captive animals.

What GenSol Has to Offer

GenSol provides two categories of genetic testing; one for the presence of canine diseases, one for determining coloring and coat type. They test for more than twenty canine diseases and have four different tests for determining color and type of coat. You can order tests online from their company website or Facebook page.

Costs and Discounts

• Individual disease/color tests: $40 each

• “Everyday Bulk Discount”: If you purchase more than five tests at one time, the cost goes down to $30 per test. There is no maximum limit on the number of tests you can purchase this way.

• “Club Discount Program”: A 10% discount for breeding clubs and associations. In order to participate in the program, your association must have a website and must display the “GenSol Club Discount” banner with a link to GenSol’s website for the entire duration of your participation in the program.


GenSol has an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here’s what some customers had to say about their experiences with GenSol:

“Thank you! I was very pleased with the ease of ordering, collecting, and fast email results!”

“Awesome service, great prices and super people. Also, super fast shipping of tests and super fast results! A++++++”

“Fantastic turnaround time! Would love to see more tests available for my breed!”

“Things get crazy when you’re testing a litter of ten for two mutations each! They were there for me 100% and even offered to send new swabs if needed. Results were ready within 24 hours. Thanks, Gensol!”

Pros and Cons


• Non-invasive collection (cheek swab)

• 24- to 48- hour turnaround time for results

• Guaranteed results

• Discount offers


• May not offer to test for diseases specific to your breed of dog

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