Geneu.com DNA Testing Review 

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geneu.com dna testing review
Geneu.com DNA Testing Review

Geneu.com DNA Testing Review

An Unbiased Review of Geneu.com

For those that are not currently familiar with the company Geneu, they are considered to be one of the premiere firms responsible for the creation of new anti-aging serums. Geneu is one of the first companies to offer genetically matched skin-type care based on actual science. While their skincare treatments are a little bit pricey when compared to beauty shop staples, the science behind their products is just too exciting to overlook – IF you can afford it.

The Science Behind Geneu

According to Geneu’s scientists’ human beings are predisposed to certain genetic traits and by taking into account these traits, their staff can formulate a serum that will have a definite, positive impact on the two key genes responsible for aging. One of these genes has been linked to the breakdown of collagen and another has been implicated to the antioxidant breakdown of free radicals. By creating a formula that takes into consideration the patient’s key genetic traits, Geneu scientists claim to be able to slow the process of aging and keep skin looking younger, longer.

The Ordering Process

If you happen to live in the UK, you are able to book an appointment at one of Geneu’s stores whereupon arrival, you will be greeted by a Geneu representative offering an assortment of treats such as fine French champagne and delicate, Swiss chocolates. This certainly adds to the overall “haute couture” feel of the experience.

For those outside the UK that are interested in trying out Geneu’s offerings, they do sell a home DNA testing kit that will allow you to receive your own personalized serum for a lower price than you would pay to go to a retail store. This may be the optimal choice, even for those in the UK, who are looking to save money and still receive the world-class Geneu experience. It is certainly far less expensive than making a special trip to “merry old England” just for some ordinary skin cream… then again, this is by no means an “ordinary” skin cream.

What You Get
Granted that the ordering process is not exactly “simple” – the fact that Geneu is offering something this advanced at a price comparable to high-end generic skin concoctions that do not rely on proving science for their results is simply astounding. Just a decade earlier, it would have cost tens of or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a person to purchase the DNA research required to even hire a pharmaceutical firm to create a serum of similar science and quality. What Geneu is offering is truly something that offers credit to the wonders the modern world is capable of producing.

The Ugly Side of Beauty
The one downside to the Geneu system (other than the complexity of actually ordering the product) is the price, it is markedly more expensive than what most people have to spend on skincare products and is definitely intended to be used by people that have disposable income available. This is certainly not a product intended to be used by an elderly woman on a pension plan!

In Closing
However, the bottom line is, does this product actually work? The answer is an affirmative, “YES”! After just 2-weeks of using the DNA-specific Geneu serum, patients will notice firmer, more elastic skin. The levels of moisture in the outer layers of the skin increase dramatically, giving the appearance of a more youthful, vibrant skin tone. While the product is relatively new, it is expected that with continued use of the Geneu system, the patient is going to extend their youth to the current maximum levels allowed by modern science.

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