Genetrackus.com Paternity Testing Review 

By  Editorial Team

Genetrackus.com Paternity Testing Review

Genetrack Biolabs is a company providing a wide range of DNA tests. They have several test types including paternity, maternity, immigration DNA tests, and simple DNA ancestry tests. The amount of different tests types that are offered is almost overwhelming. Of each type of test, Genetrack offers a private test option and a legally admissible test. The private option is by far the cheaper option, with the legally admissible test being almost triple the price. Private paternity testing kits begin at $89.

Once ordered from their website, Genetrackus.com, the test kit is advertised to arrive within five business days. From there, a simple saliva test is performed and mailed back to the Genetrack lab. To perform the test, a small brush is rubbed on the inside of the cheek for about 15 seconds. Because of the gentle nature of the test, it can be performed on people of any age, even infants, and in the privacy of one’s own home. Once the saliva is collected, the swab is inserted into a pre-addressed envelope and sent back to Genetrack laboratory. The analysis of the sample is performed in the lab within three to five business days. The findings are then either emailed, mailed, or both back to the participating party. Results are done 3-5 days after they receive the sample.

Although on paper, it seems like a flawless system, Genetrack has not received favorable customer reviews. First, many users reported extremely delayed shipping times, in both receiving the test kit and receiving the findings from the laboratory. One user reported upwards of three weeks to receive the findings. Additionally, many customers complained about the added shipping charges both to receive the test kit and to return the test. While the envelope is pre-addressed, the shipping is not prepaid and the responsibility of the person sending in the sample.

Genetrack Shipping

Although Genetrack Biolabs describes the test sent to an individual as “private” many customers reported having a package arrive that is labeled with very large and obvious Genetrack stickers, which takes the private aspect out of the test and potentially creates some awkward situations at home. There is also some debate over where the company is actually located. While some variants from the Genetrack website are UK based, customers report having kits sent from Canada. With so many different DNA testing companies in existence today, I would not find myself using Genetrack Biolabs. The combination of overly complicated tests to choose from, shipping costs, and delayed time, both in shipping and analyzing the sent sample, would have me looking to other companies first for DNA tests.

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