Genetic Mutation Delivers 12 Fingers and 12 Toes To Family 

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Genetic Mutation Delivers 12 Fingers and 12 Toes to Family


The Da Silva family from Brazil has actually all been born with six fingers on each hand which provides an advantage as goalkeepers or musicians

A family of football and also music lovers are able to take their leisure activities to the following degree thanks to a distinct generic anomaly which has actually left them all with six fingers on each hand.

It makes it simpler to play the guitars, play the piano and also originating from Brazil– a nation where football is the most popular sport – makes the placement of goalkeeper seem a cinch.

Members of the Da Silva household were born with even more fingers compared to the remainder people and instead of five figures on each hand they have 6.


Out of 26 members of the family 14 have one additional finger on each hand, meaning manicures cost a little bit greater than for the remainder of the population when it concerns sports they have rather an advantage.

Joao de Assis da Silva, 15, chosen placement is a goalkeeper and said: “It excels since my hands are larger than other people and I have a better grip and could hold the ball much better than individuals with five fingers.

” It could be tough to obtain gloves because I have to get two sets reduced one finger from a set and also stitch in so I have six fingers”

He also plays the guitar while his eight-year-old cousin, Maria Morena da Silva is learning the piano, she stated: “My piano teacher wants he had 6 fingers, you can play less complicated and also get to more notes.”

The family, that live near the funding, Brasilia, are staunchly pleased with their additional digits, when there is a brand-new child due family members research the scan pictures to examine if it has 6 fingers or otherwise.

One mum stated: “We do not care if it is a boy or a lady.

“We are simply thrilled if it is 6 fingers.”

She laughed one downside if the guys need to spend more loans on jewelry due to the fact that the extra fingers for rings.

Granny Silvia Santos da Silva said the family’s unique characteristic has actually never ever opened them approximately discrimination and also claimed family members birthed with even more conventional hands and feet actually feel omitted.

She claimed: “My papa constantly looked upon this as something all-natural.

“For us, people with 5 fingers are the ones that are uncommon.”

The family members showcased on the BBC’s Countdown to Life, which currently on iPlayer. The following episode is on BBC 2 at 9pm on Monday evening.

Check the video of another case of the genetic mutation in Cuba.



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