Etalon Diagnostics Horse DNA Testing 

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Etalon Diagnostics Horse DNA Testing

Etalon Diagnostics General Information

Etalon Diagnostics’ team is made up of respected universities and labs, animal enthusiasts from the Silicon Valley, skillful equestrians, top scientists, tech specialists, geneticists and biologists throughout the country. To develop the lives and health of admired service and safeguard animals, they produce significant scientifically proven programs.

Their genetic diagnostic program renders a complete panel of commercially accessible genetic diagnostics suggested as single horse DNA genetic tests by multiple laboratories, merchants, and different origins. They also cover numerous current genetic markers and diagnostics we haven’t seen before that are possible today including diverse distinct equine characteristics and markers for health diagnostics that are all stored on one single affordable test.

Etalon Diagnostics Horse DNA Testing

Etalon Diagnostics gives very bizarre general genetic identification panel for guide and function horses starting with an affordable, complete EtalonDx DNA MiniPanel which includes:

  • Abilities and Performance Genetics in one comprehensive horse DNA test
  • Health and Disease Risk
  • Coat Color & Patterns
  • Breed Matching Genetics

Their couture diagnostic equine DNA testing service enables to build our own precise combination assisting in evaluating the total level of horses’ health and well-being. It includes genetic diseases, skills and capabilities, anxiety, disorders, disease susceptivity, biological age vs chronological age, circulating diet and also how efficient the current workout scheme is for the horse. Their panel allows us to have the most extensive data currently reasonable to guarantee cutting edge medicinal health care and best competitive edge for an equine athlete.

DNA samples sent is processed on the 1st and 15th of every month within 2-4 weeks time.  As their sample amount increase, the sample submission times will transpire often and transfer to once or twice weekly on the desired basis. The results are given in a complete statement through an emailed PDF document.

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