DNA Center.com DNA Testing Review 

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dna center.com dna testing review
DNA Center.com DNA Testing Review

DNA Center.com DNA Testing Review

The DNA Diagnostics Center

DNA tests have become quite popular lately, but these tests aren’t just used for ancestry determination like some commercials may have you think. The DNA Diagnostics Center offers a multitude of DNA services. They offer paternity tests and other family relationship tests, immigration DNA testing, DNA tests to assist in forensic investigations, cell line authentications for DNA used in scientific studies, adoption DNA tests, identification services, and even veterinary DNA testing to determine what breeds make up your pet. However, the DNA Diagnostics Center is best known for its paternity tests; they boast that they are the #1 recommended DNA paternity test in the US, and the tests aren’t even that expensive. The cost depends on the test, how it is performed, and whether or not it needs to be used for legal purposes. Their paternity tests range from less than $200 for a home paternity test to over $1500 for a prenatal paternity test.

There are a lot of good things to say about the DNA Center.com DNA Testing Review. The turnaround to receive results is quite fast; once samples are submitted, it could take as little as a day if you use their online system. The lab is also highly accredited. They voluntarily participate in several accreditation programs and have nine accreditations, including the AABB accreditation which is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to paternity testing laboratories. It’s also a US-based company, with over 2500 locations spread out across the country.

If you’re looking to take advantage of one of their services, you’ll certainly be comparing them to other companies in your effort to make a decision. Well, the DNA Diagnostics Center holds up quite well in these types of comparisons. They are not as old and established as some labs, but they make up for that with their accreditations and dedication to accuracy. It’s also much easier to access them compared to some other companies since they have so many associated facilities across the country. They also offer to test in the state of New York while others do not. Their testing is less expensive and faster than other options. Most other companies offer 2-5 day turnarounds and some don’t use online portals that facilitate quick and easy access to results. And if you have financial concerns, the DNA Diagnostics Center will work with you to figure out a payment plan. Though they are a bit more flexible than other centers, they do still require an upfront partial payment and will not give you your results until the test is paid for in full.

Be aware, however, that some customers have had negative experiences with the company, though they are certainly in the minority. A few complained about family relationship tests to determine ancestry, saying they were inaccurate or not specific enough. Some said they waited weeks for their results or experienced poor customer service. These are all things to consider in your decision-making process.

In summary, despite some negative customer reviews, the DNA Diagnostics Center is a well-regarded facility that will likely fulfill all your expectations, especially if you’re looking for a paternity test. They have the largest number of certified facilities in the US so finding a center near you should be no issue, accuracy is guaranteed by running the tests twice, and there’s a very fast turnaround for an inexpensive price. Though they might not be the best choice for ancestral DNA testing, the DNA Diagnostics Center should definitely be on your list to consider when it comes to paternity testing.

Visit their website: https://www.dnacenter.com/

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