Determigene.com DNA Testing Review 

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determigene.com dna testing review
Determigene.com DNA Testing Review

Determigene.com DNA Testing Review

Determigene offers practical DNA testing to people throughout the United States. Tests are able to determine paternity, siblingship and whether or not a person meets immigration requirements. For certain tests, DNA collection kits are sent by mail to give people the convenience of collecting their samples at home. Other tests require people to visit one of the DNA testing centers in their area.

Time It Takes to Get the Results

Most test results are ready within five business days from the date the samples are received by the company. Rush results are available for paternity tests and can be ready in as little as one business day.

Types of DNA Tests

Paternity DNA Tests

People may choose from standard, fatherless and prenatal test options. If a test is to be used for non-legal purposes, a sample collection kit may be ordered and used at home. Tests used for legal and court admissible purposes need to be conducted at local DNA testing centers.

Test Cost: Ranges from $295 to $1,495 depending on the specific test

Siblingship Tests

Anyone wanting to know whether or not a person is their full or half-sibling or if they are even related at all can order one of these tests. Non-legal and legally binding tests are available, and the same rules for testing as for the paternity tests apply.

Test Cost: Non-legal $275, Legal $445


After mailing in copies of the paperwork from USCIS or the U.S. Embassy to Determigene, anyone interested in taking one of these tests can contact a local DNA testing center. The legally defensible test results can then be used in immigration court.

Test Cost: Domestic $395, International prices vary

Ancestry DNA Testing

The full-spectrum ancestry tests allow people to find out their complete ethnicities. Collected DNA can be matched to more than 100,000 individual forensic records in over 400 different world populations in order to determine the most accurate results. A framed deluxe certificate of authenticity showing a person’s predominant, secondary and minority matches can be sent along with the full results.

Test Cost: $299

Infidelity DNA Testing

If someone suspects his or her partner of being unfaithful, an infidelity test can help uncover the truth. Test options include semen detection, DNA detection, and DNA comparison and require a garment with the DNA to be sent in for testing.

Test Cost: Semen detection $275, DNA detection $295, DNA comparison $295

DNA Safeguarding

Parents can send in samples of their children’s DNA to be stored in a safe facility. This could be especially useful if a child is ever abducted and a DNA sample is needed to help solve the case.

Self-Controlled Collection Sample Kit Cost: $95

Pros of Determigene

There are many test options that can be used for a variety of practical purposes. Collecting DNA samples for testing is easy. Test results are usually ready quickly. Most of the tests come with free shipping.

Cons of Determigene

Some of the tests are expensive. The necessity to visit a DNA testing center for certain tests may be inconvenient for some people.

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