Benefits Of Dog Breed DNA Tests 

By  Editorial Team

Benefits Of Dog Breed DNA Tests

In the past, determining whether a dog was of a particular breed came down to examining certain characteristics to determine if they were the characteristics that were held by that particular breed. However, it has now become possible to use DNA tests to finally determine once and for all what breed your dog is. There are many benefits to performing a dog breed DNA test.

Identifying Genetic Health Risks

Different dog breeds have different genetic health risks. By swabbing a dog, you will be able to determine what health risks he or she might be prone to and you can then make choices that will help minimize the effects of these health risks.

Knowing Your Dog’s Health Needs

Knowing what type of breed you have will affect the exercise needs that you will need to satisfy. Some dogs are content with simply laying on the couch all day, while others are highly energetic and need an active lifestyle. This is essential when adopting a mixed breed where it may be less clear what exercise needs your dog will have.

Identifying Health Conditions

There are certain health concerns that certain breeds suffer from. Being informed of the type of breed you own will allow you to prepare for these health concerns. For example, the Maltese can have a difficult time passing stools. Golden retrievers have a higher likelihood of suffering from cancer. These conditions, if treated appropriately beforehand, will reduce the risk that the pet will suffer from these conditions.

Benefits Of Dog Breed DNA Tests Understanding A Mixed Breed

When you are adopting a dog from the shelter that is a mixed breed, you might have many questions about the dog. For example, will the dog be good with children? Will the dog be aggressive? By performing a DNA test, you can understand the traits that your dog will likely have and can then decide if that particular dog is right for your family. Also, if your family is unsure of whether they would like to adopt a pit bull, it is helpful to know whether the mixed breed has pit bull in him or her.

Finally, DNA tests are good idea because they can be performed at home using kits by an amateur. They do not require special training to use. You will just swab your dog’s check a few times and that is all you have to do.


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