Animal DNA Tests at DNA Solutions USA 

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animal dna tests at dna solutions usa
Animal DNA Tests at DNA Solutions USA

Animal DNA Tests at DNA Solutions USA

DNA Solutions USA General Information

DNA Solutions has a fully equipped laboratory located at University Research Park Campus in Oklahoma City with leading scientists in the country. They provide an affordable, high capacity processing of samples daily that gives a quick turn around to their customers.

Unique laboratory solution is what they give to their clients. Their tests include paternity test, forensic test, and sire confirmation in humans, forensic identification in animals, genotype registry and DNA banking.

Animal DNA Tests

Animal DNA tests at DNA Solutions USA is a state-of-the-art DNA testing for animal classification. Identifying an animal uniquely by its DNA is their capability to eliminate related problems with other popular forms of identifications such as visual physical properties, tattoos, nose prints, ear tags and microchip. Any part of the animal can be used as a sample to test and the animal’s DNA will never change over its life.

With highest accuracy and speed by DNA Solutions, proving lineages by DNA identification is achieved to strengthen packs. They give adequate methods of genetic record-keeping, sire determination, animal identification and forensic identification.

Animal services they provide include:

  • Prosecution and Defense of Wildlife Enforcement Actions
  • Parentage Verification
  • Registry Management
  • Unique Identification
  • Semen Sample Confirmation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Semen Sample Confirmation

Deer Genetic Analysis

DNA Solutions understand that because of genetics, physical traits of sire be seen in their offspring. Half of the offspring’s DNA is from their parents and the other half from the dam.

A buck with large antlers to pass that genetic trait to their fawns is what breeders hope. To stop other bucks from contributing, breeders pick the right buck for their breeding programs. Just like the human technology, the identification used is also applicable to deer. Markers are found from the dam and one from the sire, they come in pairs. The genotype or genetic profile of the animal are the patterns of each marker. Each profile is different between animals.


  • Poaching or Illegal Hunting Prosecutions and Defense
  • Solve Forensic Mysteries
  • Insurance Claims
  • Confirm Artificial Insemination Success
  • Settle Ownership Disputes
  • Parentage Verification
  • Unique Identification
  • Species Verification

DNA Testing Benefits Breeders:

  • Establish Paternity / Maternity to perpetuate valuable bloodlines
  • Confirm identity
  • Confirm Pedigrees
  • Establish Genetic Profiles

Cattle Genetic Analysis

DNA Solutions performs cattle genotype for many purposes that include breeding interests and research.

Breeding Benefits:

  • Prosecution and defense in poaching, theft, or illegal hunting cases
  • Breed identification
  • Confirm animal identity
  • Identifying clones
  • Confirm animal pedigree

Half of the offspring’s DNA comes from the cow and the other half comes from the bull and that is how genetic information is passed on. The best genetic characteristics passed on the calves is their aim by picking the right to bulls to be used in their breeding programs and stop the other bulls from contributing. The same technology used in human is also used in any living organism like the cattle.improve the success of your breeding program and increase your profitability. DNA Solutions’ Exotic Wildlife Testing uses genetic testing to Genetic testing is available for cape buffalo, roan antelope, sable antelope, cattle, whitetail deer, mule deer and dog species.

Developing the progress of your breeding program and enhance your gains is why DNA Solutions’ Exotic Wildlife Testing uses genetic testing. Their genetic testing includes cape buffalo, roan antelope, sable antelope, cattle, whitetail deer, mule deer and dog species.

For more details, look into their website at DNASolutionsUSA.com

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