Advantages of Canine DNA Testing 

By  Editorial Team

Advantages of Canine DNA Testing

DNA testing is very easily accessible for dog owners, regardless of whether they’re trying to verify their dog’s pedigree or learn about what breed a rescued dog is. Because of its reliability, you will always have a clear idea of what breed your best friend is. This type of test not only satisfies your curiosity, but can provide valuable information you need to ensure your dog’s happiness, health, and safety.

Determining Your Dog’s Breed

There are good reasons to know what breed your dog is beside simple curiosity. When you get either a puppy or young dog that may still be growing, you will have a better idea of their ultimate size. You will also be able to make better decisions about the best time to alter your new pet if you haven’t done so, as well as determine what types of training issues are specific to the breed if any. For example, some breeds have a tendency towards stubborn behavior; others may require a lot of exercise daily and other concerns.

Spotting Possible Health Issues

Many dog breeds are susceptible to certain health issues, and when more than one breed is involved, there is a chance of a dog experiencing health issues common to any of the breeds in their mix. In the case of a rescue dog with unknown origins or a presumably purebred dog without a pedigree, a DNA test can be very valuable. If you know what health conditions your dog might be susceptible to, you can work with your vet to learn more about screening and treatment options.


Some of the Canine DNA testing locations offer testing for dog personality.  This one I would say you could do for fun.  They are looking at breeds and breed traits.  For example, if you dog is a pit bull dog or even a little Pomeranian it is more likely to have an aggressive personality than a Shelty or Corgi.  If the tests come back and say your 10 week old puppy has an aggressive personality, you could probably just give it a lot of extra attention and avoid any issues.

Safety for Pets and Rescue Dogs

Many municipalities have enacted breed-specific legislation that bans certain breeds perceived to be dangerous. Additionally, some apartment or condo communities and homeowner’s associations have similar restrictions. A DNA test can help prove that a dog which appears to be a prohibited breed isn’t one. These tests can also help dogs in high-kill shelters perceived to be prohibited breeds get a chance to live.

All of these reasons to get a DNA test are helpful to keep in mind. You never know what great surprises will await when you test your dog’s DNA.

As this news report shows, testing can be very accurate if you dog is a pure breed or limited heritage.  If your dog is made up of several breeds it is harder to determine the exact make up of the mix.


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