Truck for Mobile Paternity Testing 

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Truck for Mobile Paternity Testing
Truck for Mobile Paternity Testing

Truck for Mobile Paternity Testing

A New York paper journalist spent a couple of weeks following a mobile paternity screening vehicle described as the “That’s Your Daddy Vehicle” and watching males that we can assume have children, take DNA tests and also get results from past DNA tests.

The mobile DNA trucks supply paternity tests along with regular medical testing and various other tests. The New York Article paid for some of the mens DNA sequencing so they could interview them later. The mobile paternity testing vehicle did the DNA test sampling with a cheek swab. After the swab sampling, their results were ready in a couple of days.


From the original short article: “It’s life-changing news that we give,” claimed Health Road owner Jared Rosenthal, 42, adding that revealing test results are among the most challenging points he needs to do, bringing either a twinkle– or a tear– to a suspected daddy’s eyes.


“We take it really seriously, since whether the individual turns out to have the paternity connection they were intending to have, or not, it’s going to impact them,” he said.”


Health Street Mobile DNA Testing


Review the initial write-up at Health Street Article

From the Wellness Street Mobile Paternity Screening Vehicle website: “Paternal screening is the most common kind of DNA testing, yet relationships such as siblings, grandparents, aunties, or uncles could likewise be shown or disproved. Tests are either done by experts at a facility, or on your own making use of a residence kit. DNA screening could also be done a postmortem. As well as now, prenatal paternity tests take the stress out of pregnancy without any danger to the unborn. While a cheek swab is the most usual approach of getting DNA for a test, alternatives like hair, semen, or fingernails could be used.” Very few of the DNA testing firms agree to accept hair, seminal fluid, or fingernails as DNA samples, making this company uncommon, DNA examinations for these uncommon items are $650.

Wellness Street Mobile Paternity is located in New York City. Recently they have been video shooting individuals getting their examination outcomes as well as broadcasting the video clips on a “Who’s Your Dad” regional TV program called Swab Stories.


If you stay in New York you could intend to consider Wellness Street for your paternal test demands. Of course there are many other paternity testing companies available everywhere in the United States. There are laws in each state that govern what is needed for a legal and binding DNA paternity test in that state.


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