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September 15, 2016

Embark Dog DNA test

Embark Dog DNA Test

Embark Dog DNA Test

Why Your Embark Dog Needs DNA Test

There are a number of reasons to DNA-test your dog. The most common reason is that you’ve adopted an animal of mysterious ancestry. In order to train the dog, it is important to know what breed/breeds he may be. In order to know what kinds of exercise activities work best for certain individuals, a canine DNA test can prove informative. You may wish to know what the size of the pup you adopted may be upon adulthood, as well, and plan for that.

For the pet owner, mail-in genetic kits can cost from $60-90. If a veterinary office does a blood test to determine [...]

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July 10, 2016

Gensol Diagnostics Dog DNA Testing

Gensol Canine Diagnostics Testing


GenSol Diagnostics dog DNa testing offers a revolutionary way to test dogs for a variety of genetic conditions that can affect canine health. These tests are highly sensitive and provide scientifically accurate results for a wide range of dog breeds.

About the Company

Dr. Micha D. Halpern founded GenSol Diagnostics in 2008 as a way to make it easier for pet owners to test their canine companions for different types of health problems. The company is based in Saint Cloud, FL, and upholds a strong code of ethics.

Taking Dog Saliva Samples

A swab from the inside of a dog’s [...]

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June 25, 2016

Animal DNA Test Costs

Animal DNA Test Costs

Animal DNA Test Costs

The Cost of Animal DNA Testing

Who’s Your Daddy?

Animal DNA testing has grown in popularity over the past few years. The harmless test can be performed on a variety of pets but is most often used for determining dog breeds. Curiosity might have proverbially killed the cat, but that very same sense of wonder can now expose a dog’s parentage or a feline’s ancestry.

The Benefits of Testing

A mixed breed canine, affectionately known as a mutt, is a bit of a mystery. Some pet owners like it this way. Others would prefer to have extensive information concerning the [...]

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June 19, 2016

Benefits Of Dog Breed DNA Tests

Benefits Of Dog Breed DNA Tests

Benefits Of Dog Breed DNA Tests

In the past, determining whether a dog was of a particular breed came down to examining certain characteristics to determine if they were the characteristics that were held by that particular breed. However, it has now become possible to use DNA tests to finally determine once and for all what breed your dog is. There are many benefits to performing a DNA test.

Identifying Genetic Health Risks

Different dog breeds have different genetic health risks. By swabbing a dog, you will be able to determine what health risks he or she might be prone to and you can then make [...]

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