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DNA DNA Testing Review

DNA DNA Testing Review


Turnaround time to receive results is quite fast; once samples are submitted, it could take as little as a day if you use their online system.
The lab is also highly accredited.
They voluntarily participate in several accreditation programs and have nine accreditations, including the AABB accreditation which is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to paternity testing laboratories. It’s also a US-based company, with over 2500 locations spread out across the country.


Not as highly rated for ancestry reports

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DNA Diagnostics Center is a well-regarded facility that will likely fulfill all your expectations, especially if you’re looking for a paternity test. They have the largest number of certified facilities in the US so finding a center near you should be no issue, accuracy is guaranteed by running the tests twice, and there’s a very fast turnaround for an inexpensive price.

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