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September 30, 2016

Ancestry DNA New Chip

Ancestry DNA New Chip

Ancestry DNA New Chip

Ancestry Modifies Their Autosomal DNA Chip

Currently, Ancestry uses the standard Illumina chip also used by Family Tree DNA which also functions as the base chip for the 23andMe product as well. 23andMe has a chip customized for medical testing, and Ancestry is now following suit as well with their new chip, soon to go into production.

The Illumina chip today holds roughly 700,000 locations or SNPs that can be reported. Ancestry’s download today provides customers with roughly 682,000 locations, as compared to 23andMe’s 577,000 and Family Tree DNA’s roughly [...]

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September 28, 2016 YDNA Tests YDNA Tests YDNA Tests

Discovering History and Predicting the Future with YDNA Tests

Before we jump into a description of the services offered by FtDNA, let’s explore reasons why you might take a genetic test, and the kinds of ways they benefit different people.

• Finding Family – Genetic testing can reveal familial relations all over the globe – or in your hometown – that you never knew you had. This often benefits people who had little family or who are planning a move.

• Understanding Health – These personalized tests can be used to identify risks of health problems, assess the [...]

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September 16, 2016

DNA Review

DNA Review

DNA Review

DNA Company Information

Are you wondering about the company This company uses low cost and high accuracy DNA paternity testing, and they offer it in discreet paternity testing packaging. The advantage of this company is that they have a customer care center that is open 24/7, and a confidential and interactive live chat feature if needed.

Length of Time in Business

Originally established in 1998 in Beverly Hills, California, DNA Solutions Ltd performs DNA tests for paternity, but they also offer to test for relationships and ancestry. It depends on what [...]

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